Things in Werewolf novels that really grind some gears



I do it all the time, only cause I like to think there are still struggling writers out there who need a bit of a boost, or need a bit of love on their work. I have been a little slack lately but that is one of my goals for 2019, highlight more new and emerging writers :smiley:


I made a whole thread for it. But forgot to mention i wanted undiscovered books. Now i have a whole lot to review and give feedback on before i can start my search again. :sob:

But I also like helping other people with their books either way, so it’s not that bad either.


Thanks for reminding me actually! I did the same with a thread and have yet to start reading most of them. I hope some of the books you got are gems and not too tedious to read! I also wish you luck xx

Aw that is so lovely! I’m also doing it for similar reasons but more giving back to the community that helped me reach so many milestones.


I’m working towards my first 1k, almost half way there.

Thank you, i’m gonna need it. :tired_face:


Sameee!!! I STILL get comments about how in DY they waited too long to find out their mates. You’d think I was pulling fingernails–It’s only 10 chapters! gahhhh


LOL me too with the mate thing. I always feel like it’s sort of ridiculous having very young Alphas, especially those who are teenage boys or those who are forced to take over at a ridiculously young age like seven. Like no boy is that mature at the age of seven or seventeen.




I hate the locking people in rooms thing too. It’s so aggravating


Yes! Alphas being abusive like why can’t an Alpha ever be a decent person?

I also don’t understand rich Alphas/packs, like they have no jobs…where is that money coming from?

I hate when the mate gets kidnapped don’t even get me started


I hate multiple mates it seems very overwhelming and unrealistic




I’m a sucker for werewolf novels. I love it and hate it.


There are some great stories in the werewolf genre that truly blow my mind. Give it a try, you might find your new love


Speaking of grinding gears, it would be nice if people could make some more inspired transportation choices for their characters rather than just picking a random expensive car.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: 10 chapters?! Is that all? I guess in Wattpad terms that is forever but, come on readers! Slow burns are amazing!


Heck one of my MCs doesn’t even realize who her mate is until chapter 15. Guess i’m barely lit. :joy::sob:


In the last book I wrote my MC’s learn their mates by…I think chapter 5 but don’t act on it till maybe chapter 30 or 40 :joy::joy::joy::joy: but apparently that just makes my FMC an idiot and a bitch for not getting with her mans sooner :no_mouth: cause for some reason when 2 characters are mates they immediately gel and get on the same page, any personality conflicts or past experiences that cause tension and friction between them should no longer exist. I really hate the expectations people have of what mates need to be cause they read it somewhere else -_-


YES. THIS^^^ Going off of that (hopefully it’s not too off topic) but I get soo frustrated when readers hate on the female MC. I find a lot of times it’s because of small details or imperfections. But the second there’s a prideful or stubborn or grumpy female MC, the comment section blows up with hate. Like I’m sorry she’s not Barbie perfect? -.-


If I’m being honest, I hate most everything that drifts around in the werewolf section of wattpad. Mates, alphas, betas, omegas, whatever the hell a luna is. I think the fight against vampires has been played out and the infighting among different packs is played out… oh and the term “packs.” That’s another thing I don’t care for.

I feel like every story is basically the same story, but with different clothing and accessories. And the terminology just seems very… :confounded:


That’s shit :unamused:. And really so very trope. We should all just throw away character development and plot, because it’s a werewolf book. It has to be the same perfect formula every single time, don’t you know. :joy: