Things in Werewolf novels that really grind some gears



Abusive or worse just controlling relationships. LIke the only way for an Alpha male to love is by brute force and taking away the will of the love interest. It’s the stuff real life sociopathic relationships are made of. Can’t stand it. Given up on loads of werefiction specifically because of that. Won’t even finish the book.

On the flip side I cant stand a main character dragging on the inevidble either. Like if you like them you like them. Date them already. My biggest issue with wereficiton is purposefully dragging on the plot for me to see how long evil Alpha takes to reform or actually win over the MC, and the opposite when you know for sure they match and the MC is just being stubborn and avoiding the issue. If feel like i’m being tortured for chapters and chapters just to see if they do indeed get together. it’s just as bad as when they just hook up in five chaps or less. Like there has to be something else beyond baiting me to keep reading by holding it off, or putting them together quickly and forcing me to read the abusive relationship. There. Rant is over. lol


This. Like no one in the pack. I mean NO ONE, works. How they hell are they so rich if all they do is hunt gossip and make babies. Ugh. Can’t wrap my head around this one.


this one. Whenever an alpha is created at like age 17 and is still legitmately going to highschool i cringe a bit. LIke who is running a pack of hundreds of wolves and still trying to graduate highschool. LOL it’s just so stupid. But i’ve noticed this happens way way way much on wattpad. LIke too much.


Omg yessssss! Any kind of relatable trait suddenly makes the main female TOTALLY unrelatable, like…am i the only one that likes writing and reading challenging characters that are layered to the absolute shit house like an onion? But using an onion as an analogy actually they look all innocent on the outside but a bitch will male you cry if you cut her too deep…I got way distracted just then haha


Right?! I mean don’t get me wrong I very much enjoy tropes and cliches but not when it’s a cookie cutter female character and that is such a HUGE problem with people who read werewolf. They’re so accustomed to one type of simple one dimensional character tht any complications in personality or plot can be too much to deal with :joy::joy::joy:


cough cough Teen Wolf. :rofl: Scott was such a terrible Alpha.

At least TW had an excuse. Apparently, adults had a lower chance of surviving a transition from being bitten than a teenager did. Because why not, amirite?


lol I’m just more inclined to get on board with an alpha that actually has some leadership skillz beyond the late math homework assignment haha…


But if it’s a male character he’s just headstrong, possessive, and still totally delicious apparently. I swear sometimes the whole comment section is ready to defend one Alpha’s honor but will throw the female to the wolves (pun intended).


Oh my gosh seriously! “I’m seventeen and I am alpha!”

Mine is around thirty and has been in a war and is heavily scarred. He has earned his title, versus just “Welp, I’m seventeen now.”

Like I need an alpha who can lead, who I can trust, and who can make hard decisions and own them if he messes up. I need a real man in charge haha


Yes 100% A 17 year old can’t even keep a part-time job let alone run a whole group of people that includes people who are way older and way smarter that he is because he’s a flippin high schooler.


I feel like scott didn’t really do much except constantly sacrifice himself. Like ur seventeen chilllll. They were all acting so adult on that show lol just focus on ur PSATs kids.


this right here just grinds my gears. Want to see someone quit a book. Instead turn off lol. Now if they got kidnapped on purpose to infiltrate enemy territory and the Alpha is both proud yet worried he may not save them in time. Now that’s tention i’m here for. But it’s like Alphas only like stupid weak wolves who can’t take care of themselves… Yawn.


yes. real men to the front of the line please.


So much this. It really upsets me when a book that is really well written does these things cause I want to read it but just cant.


I hate the whole ‘mate is chosen by mysterious magic regardless of what the characters are or want’ idea.

If I were writing a story in which werewolves were/are POV characters (as opposed to being demonically possessed monsters that threaten the POV characters with death, which is more my style), any ‘mate’ dynamic would be purely character driven - nobody gets to skip to the end just because werewolf. Everyone has to work out who they are and what they want and work up the courage to speak about it and discover who wants them back, just like everybody else.

Possibly complicated by dynamics lifted from real wolf social behavior, such as the Alpha being a dick and harassing others in an effort to have exclusive sexual access to the females. That’s pretty inescapable because wolves mostly can’t survive outside their packs - they have to cooperate closely to hunt, defend territory, etc, so they can’t very well tell the Alpha and his pack to go shovel sunshine.

Ooooh, and heat cycles. Wolves only mate once or twice a year. That puts a difficult twist on the process.

  • The timid female lead.
  • Abusive alphas.
  • That one pack slut that always ruins things.
  • Rejection

Oh and of course miscommunication between the male and female MC


What mysterious paperwork are they doing in any case?!


Dammit. The whole “skip to the end just because werewolf” thing about mates is what makes it so awesome for me :woman_shrugging:t3::joy:


Oops… My book starts with the kidnapping… but then the story goes from there… sort of like a reverse to how it usually goes :joy:

For me it’s rejection… Like, I’ve got enough drama in my life, I don’t need to read about people having their hearts broken.


I feel like there are 2 archetypes when it comes to female main characters in werewolf stories:

The timid, demure, shy, abused girl


The bitter, cynical, bitchy, abused girl

I quit so many stories because the main character is a push over