Things in Werewolf novels that really grind some gears



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And of course everybody writing these stories absolutely forgets that wolves in fact don’t mate more than one one-hundredth as often as (average!) married human couples do.

Would that be just too harsh a reality check?


I know this reply is rather late, but basically werewolves are usually split into two categories. Shifters (human to wolf) or half-man half-beasts. I’ve done some reading on it, and curiously shifters are actually far more common in old folklore, but were represented as monsters and fiends, rather than a curse (although there have been instances when humans have been cursed to be wolves in some myths). The relation between the moon and werewolves actually came later, however both kinds have historically been treated as monsters.

It’s not so much a change in the definition of werewolves, but a change in popularity between the two forms.


LMAO i honestly didn’t realise how funny this reads. I was just so annoyed when I wrote it hahah. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and just can’t with some of the stuff authors keep forcing me to deal with. Wait till I finally write my werefiction lol. Its in my long list of TBW ideas lol


Lol it’s all good. It’s just the whole weak mate thing. Guess i’m over the night in shining armour and helpless damsel/person. Especially in M/M lol. LIke even with two men you cant have a non usless mate hahah.

Oh starting with the kindapping now that’s a novel Idea. That I could probably deal with better than being almost a quarter or worse at the end and that’s when the author uses it to amp up dramma hahahah


one thing that really gets me, is when something particularly traumatic happens, and they just get over it in three days or something stupid. if you watch your parents die, that will stick with you for years. not just for whenever it’s convenient. same goes for werewolves that are abused in anyway, and how that affects their lives and future relationships.


hahaha I know right?


It’s more requested especially when they don’t get along.


And sometimes there’s no reason for the rejection anyways. it is simply a plot point, which would be fine if there was some backstory to it, but nope.


What tags do you use? I hate nearly every werewolf story that I’ve been recommended or that I found when I tried to look for them.


My FMC didn’t know werewolves exist so she misses all the “mate” signs and he picks it up but he doesn’t want to burden her with all that BS plus romance isn’t his biggest priority. I mean, when you’re a med student and have a tough past, sometimes you have other things on your mind than boning. But nope.


Expected as well. In my books at least there has been a whole lot of “when are they gonna hook up already, it’s been 12 chapters and they still haven’t touched.”


Tags I use depends on what I’m looking for at the time I search. It’s not like I find exa tly what I want straight away but it is easier to find at least on thing to read.


Med school. :scream: I do not the the focus to get through med school. If I WAS in med school, the last thing i would be worried about if boning. lol

Yeah there’s an impending war in my book, sort of like Game of Thrones, (yes there’s sex, and romance) But there’s a lot of plotting and drama too,


Honestly as i try writing more and more i want to be able to create characters that have flaws and not only that but grow from their experiences or adapt to one another. So no you’re not the only one. i also love reading about characters that have so much depth to them and more going on.


Lol that was kinda rhetorical, I do know plenty of writers who LOVE making characters with many layers to them but not many in werewolf. I tend to think a lot of werewolf readers get utterly confused when there is too much complexity to a character or a plot.


One of my biggest peeves is the future Alpha jerk rejecting the MC (who for some reason is always an abused omega or something) for the pack slut, because he thinks that she is better Luna material :sweat:


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Right? Like it will happen in due time but if it’s sudden with no build up, then where is it coming from? Even one night stands have some sort of build up. “Hi we’re mates now let’s bang” isn’t a good enough reason.