Things in Werewolf novels that really grind some gears



That is so overdone. If the Moon Goddess chose your partner for you, she would have a legitimate reason for choosing said person as your Luna. If they were born to an Omega family, wouldn’t it make sense if they were to be mated to the alpha or beta that they would be worthy? That they would have the physical strength and the mental/emotional ability to handle being Luna/Alpha Female? They just need a bit of work.

@Em-OFier Oh god, yes the whole rejection plot cliche. “Rejected for the pack slut” or “rejected for my prettier more outgoing sister.” I do remember reading forever ago where an older female rejected a younger male because she was in love with his older brother and the age difference was decent? 13 / 18 type deal.

I don’t think I would mind the rejection as a plot device if it was something kind of important. It wasn’t the best written but it was good, was I think it was called the Change (?) it was part of the “Fated” series and it involved the Beta rejecting his mate so he could be with the Alpha Female to keep the pack strong (though his mate did not know it). It was also part of a larger plot to and had real repercussions.

I think what I still hate is the whole “I’m rejected but they’ll regret it as I am a pure white/black wolf, chosen by destiny and now I have to head back to my old pack to save their dumb butts.” Then they struggle between their current love interest and their mate that rejected them which I find stupid. Part of it too is because the female hardly seems mature and is often yelling about their displeasure or their abuse or both.

I think the overdone cliche of abuse stories makes my heart sad. They are abused, they run away, end up with some kind of cold mate. I mean I get that werewolves can be part human but even wild wolves will change who their omega is for the sake of the omega’s health. Not only that an omega could make their way back to the top again (I remember reading it somewhere).


I know for sure that abuse is what really makes me tick in the werewolf genre. I mean like I understand it being used as a main device in a plot and it being important for the story, but the truth of the fact is that it’s not. It’s being horribly glorified and romanticised, and that’s disgusting.

Then when their mate realize they’re strong/their mate/ a mystical coloured wolf, they decide that now they’re good enough and the abuse stops. And I mean as an author I understand if the point of the book is to romanticize or glorify abuse as a device/ literally tool in the book, but there comes a point when the author themselves are adding these cliches/ tropes in the book because they find it romantic and that’s when it become dangerous.

That being said, I definitely hate the trope that the FEMALE wolf always is the one rejected and feels she needs to prove herself and change herself in order to be enough for her mate. Like she always says she won’t go back to him but she does all these things to impress him and hope he takes her back. I really hate this.


You make me want to write a story where a female rejects the male ._< especially as I have rarely seen that. I am sure there are some stories buried somewhere within wattpad involving that.

I never thought about how it glorified it but it makes sense. I’ve only seen a handful of wattpad stories actually handle the abuse part and the recovery correct. It’s so rare though :frowning:


Mine would have to be when the male werewolves are like 7 and 8 feet tall. That really bothers me since it would stand out so much if one was on earth and that tall, plus it doesn’t make sense evolutionarily.


I think someone should write a satirical werewolf story that challenges all these ridiculous tropes.


You mean, maybe, by not having any romance elements in it at all?


I don’t think romance is necessarily evil. But yeah, I guess we could get rid of soul mates.

But you know what would really be outrageous?

If we had gasp a healthy stable relationship.


Yep, it’s another horrendous cliche. Pure black wolves are really rare in nature and pure black is not a favorable color for hunting (I guess grey and brown are better for staying hidden in the forests.) . Ditto with pure white. I don’t see how those ladies aren’t easily spotted by the ‘rouges’.

That’s true, with the omega’s pack using her for a punching bag and she believing that her mate will save her. When something that is meant to be inspirational (combating abuse and how to save those being abused) ends up saying that abuse is a rough way of loving, it’s sick. I guess it’s for the angst.

Thank you for suggesting the Fated series, I’ve been looking for a good werewolf story and I like the blurb. :smile:


I’d like that! :grinning:
And with the Omega being an actual badass and not some whiny teenager.
Maybe do away with the whole pack system.


Preach, pal! There are more than four greek alphabets, so why not?!


Yeah and if I’m not wrong, the first werewolf was king Lycaon from Greek mythology and he was cursed by Zeus for cooking and eating one of his own kids. He was turned into a full wolf I think, not sure. :blush:
I wonder if these abusive alphas are trying to imitate him or something. :sweat_smile:


At this point I’m pretty sure it’s genetic. It’s either that or the moon goddess has a thing for abusive relationships.


Not to mention it’s completely overrated! My ex is 6 ft 6 and I’m 5 ft 5. Trust me when I tell you it makes make-out sessions painful because both people’s necks need to be bent weirdly and it’s very difficult to give someone that tall a spontaneous kiss because you have to ask them to bend down :rofl::rofl:


There are tons of origin stories from all over the world, but a lot of them are usually framed as curses for awful crimes


Lmao. I’m really believing the moon goddess having a thing for abusive relationships


@JanaFourie indeed! I’m 5’ 3" and my fiance is only 5’ 9" and even then I struggle… lol


Maybe it turns out she has had some really terrible relationships in the past. (Her one true love is evidently Endymion, who has eternal youth and beauty but NEVER WAKES UP. That seems like an unfortunate choice).

Her dad, Hyperion the god of light, got married to Theia, the goddess of sight - who, was in fact his sister. Keeping it in the family, right? And Theia damn near destroyed the Earth. Sounds like maybe mom and dad might have been a bit of a bad example of relationship dynamics.

She had a brother, Helios, and a sister, Eos. Eos was a nymphomaniac cursed by Aphrodite, which probably would have given Selene a bad opinion of the goddess of love. Helios … good grief. Helios was a philanderer who left most of his sexual conquests pregnant and alone. He provided Selene with plenty of nieces and nephews, and most of them either got screwed over for romantic reasons, or just plain weren’t good people. Pretty much nothing on that side of the family would have given her a positive opinion of love.

But then her folks broke up, and her mom remarried. Step-dad Pallas was a god of war. So, probably always gone on campaign, and of course, somebody who killed people, often and in large numbers, and trained others to do the same. Still, a remarkable improvement over Hyperion, because…

One of the reasons her parents split up may have had something to do with child abuse. Selene bore three daughters (Pandeia, Ersa, and Nemea) by her own grandfather, Zeus. Then she had four daughters (Dike, Eirene, Eunomia, and one who was never even named(!)) by her own brother Helios. So, yeah, with Incest being a family tradition in Helios’ line, Pallas really was a better choice. At least, as far as we can tell, he wasn’t screwing her.

When she met Endymion, she fell in love. But that didn’t work out all that well either. There are several versions of how this next part happened, but they’re all kind of screwed-up. One of the stories is that she put him to sleep forever because otherwise he wouldn’t even let her kiss him. The other version of the story is that he loved her back and wanted to get married, but then the stupid sap went to Olympus to meet his future in-laws, where he fell in love with Hera (who was his wife’s grandmother) and got cursed to eternal sleep by Zeus (his wife’s grandfather, but also Hera’s jealous but notoriously unfaithful husband). Still, however it happened, he went to sleep. Forever. And Selene fell in love with him and had fifty(!) daughters and one son by him. She used to visit him and screw him in his sleep, night after night after night. Which is, you know, just a little bit creepy and can’t possibly have been a healthy relationship. “Rape” is such an ugly word…

We don’t know much about what happened to her fifty daughters, but she had one son by Endymion too. That was Narcissus. Who never really loved anyone except … Narcissus. A bit of a problem child, and yet another shining example of poor relationship skills.

She had one last child though, and this one evidently not by Endymion. And that child? Was the Nemean Lion. We don’t know exactly how she got pregnant with a lion cub, but … “bestiality” is such an ugly word…

Now, I’m just guessing here, but we know she was a good friend of Pasiphae. So she might possibly have gotten the idea from her friend, who had a hobby of going out to her husband’s barn and banging the bulls. I mean, you know, Selene had had a stressful life by that point, and hanging around with friends like that, she might have gotten the idea that a bit of beast would be a good stress reliever.

She was also a friend of the Leukippides sisters, who wound up marrying their kidnappers after the kidnappers killed the guys they loved and had been engaged to. Can you say Stockholm Syndrome?

Now, these are the shining examples of Selene’s life. Is it any wonder that she might curse some folks in some way that guaranteed them abusive relationships?


LOL :joy:


Wow, such a wonderfully informative piece! Thank you! :smile:


Could she be inspired by Pasiphae’s (a.k.a Minotaur’s mummy) interspecies conception to let her wolves have foxes for mates?
I just noticed a trend of wolves getting mated off to werefoxes, werecats, werehorses and what nots.