Things that people forget about your characters (game)


So, I thought this would be a fun idea. What you do is you say things that your readers or even you tend to forget about any/all of your characters. I’ve found this happens in pretty much every book and thought it would be interesting to see what your readers forget about your characters. This can be anything from appearance to personality to family members to their powers. It doesn’t matter if they characters are your protagnist, villain, anti-hero, MC, or anything, so long as it is your own character.

Only 1 relpy per character, please, so people do not get confused. You can reply as many times as you want. Remember to say what the character’s name is so everyone knows which one you are talking about. Absolutely no nasty comments and remember to have fun! :slight_smile:

Let’s start!

Amneris Topanga

  • Her real name is Anmerankh-Karareia
  • Over 5000 years old
  • Dark skinned
  • Has a tattoo going down the left side of her face and another on her back
  • Has an accent
  • Has an adoptive father
  • Was born blind

Okay, so this didn’t take off…

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I’ve had readers forget the MC of a first person story is male, does that count? :thinking: Honestly, I just feel bad that you didn’t get any response.

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That counts

Eh. I’m used to it :woman_shrugging:

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What kind of accent does she have?

Whatever the accent is on her homeworld (I’m working on it)

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She seems to have issues with the letter h

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People always forget my characters are the size of bugs. Which is really funny.

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Erin Milharn: They forget she has a half brother.

Alex Milharn: They forget he exists.

Chandrell: She is missing part of her ear.

Jay: He has a mohawk.

William: He only has one eye.

Joseph: He was a tailor.