Things You’ve Learned

Things you’ve learned about writing

Outside of writing or in other writing disciplines

For example for me

Acting : talking acting classes has taught me a lot about character development. And brining characters to life. In a way that is not usually talked about in writing. There’s an importance in objectives (what the character wants: in various facets including others ) tactics (how they will get it and not get it ) obstacles ( what hinders them internally and externally from getting it ) and why

Improv : has taught me to just accept the ideas and thought that comes to me and just work with it instead of trying to be clever or impress . Just say what is true And obvious to you and it will feel authentic and original. Push yourself to fail and celebrate your failures

Screenwriting : does it drive/ develop the story and the characters both? If yes keep if no delete. Screenwriting taught me to stay focused on characters and story. Applies to a novel I also think Does it build the world and does it add to reader experience

Playwriting : how to tell a story using dialogue as the story driver. But also learned that their are no rules not even grammar and punctuation. You just have to know why and how you want your piece to function and the experience you want your audience or readers to have. It’s ok to discover by accident too

Storytelling: speak from a place of emotional truth even if everything else is not. Write from the heart. Freewrite to see what truth jumps out in writing

Etc etc

I don’t understand. Things I’ve learned about writing outside of writing?

All writing is subjective. Yes, there are tools, skills, grammar, etc. in technical writing that all writers should learn. But when it comes to prose and style, it’s really a reader to reader preference. You can’t please everyone in your efforts in becoming a better author.


Yes basically

That does not compute. :slight_smile:

For example when I did acting I learned a lot about developing a character here is how and now I use that skill in writing

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Ok, now I understand. Watching movies has taught me a lot about writing, especially characters. A good character can save a so so plot.

Yea that’s true I agree. I meant more tools you’ve gained for yourself .

I would suggest expanding your first post to be more informative of how you want to steer the conversation. Since it doesn’t explain your thoughts, people will probably avoid posting altogether - which is a shame since I think this would be a fun topic to explore.

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Ya I wasn’t sure what else to add or expand - any suggestions ?

So far it seems like you’re both leaning towards mentioning life experiences and how they change your writing.

Kinda ? I edited the post

That looks good! :smiley:

School or work in general can make someone grow accustomed to finishing things (in this case write long-ass chapters) in no time.

All hail people who pull all-nighters, your efforts won’t be forgotten.

That’s a mood :weary:


Something I learned about writing was that less is more. Never write ten words when two is enough. Being concise and straight to the point without dragging on is the best way to go.


mhm. Can I ask where you learned that?

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Yesss! I love improv and it has taught me so much about building the narrative and working necessary information into the conversation instead of just dumping info. Also about spontaneity and working through idea fragments into a story. Yes!

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I’ve learned more about how to portray action scenes accurately in my novels through my martial arts training :smiley: I’m not very good at m.a. yet, but it’s definitely opened my eyes to various different styles of fighting and some of the tactics involved.

I’ve also used a lot of what I learned in my Art History courses (especially those architecture units) about new and unique ways to develop the cultures in my books to make them visually different from each other as well as spiritually, etc. It’s helped me create a lot more depth!

And as a science major, I’ve been learning tons about the world that I can apply to either my science fiction novels, or to the magic systems in my fantasy novels to make them more unique or interesting. Not to mention, learning so much about sciences lately has opened my eyes to lots of plotting possibilities when it comes to cause and effect!

Also, I take a lot of psychology courses as well :joy: and it’s helped me with character development and the expression of my character’s emotions/thought processes. I still have a long way to go with this, but I’ve definitely improved a lot because of my psych classes!