Thinking About It...(Being Able to Do Comic Adaptation of WP Books)


@ProjectMyst @bmecha This may interest you two!

If there is anything I consider my true forte it would be comic making(and anything with abs). Comics aren’t too common around Wattpad, but they do exist. I am willing to co- with a dedicated author in Wattpad. However, there are a couple of issues that will rise if I don’t think this thoroughly:

I think it’s awesome that I’d start comic adaptations in Wattpad, because of the number of romance novels. Most of my background experience was drawing in dating sim games(guess what? I draw hunks all the time. I’m not even going to deny that, haha). I think I may be able to get some exposure if an interested author wants to adapt their work with my works. But… I also don’t want it to be just for plainly exposure, I feel like I’m lacking something here. :thinking:

Not to mention, I am also juggling between being an artist, VO, WP author and game developer… not to mention, school is also a factor.

I’ve got a lot of authors direct messaging me and such me if I could adapt their works into a comic. But, I think I should try and limit and be choosy with who I work with here— while a lot of factors may come to it why I would accept the offer or not, I will definitely take complete books only. It’s just easier to flow with, so in case the given script isn’t too clear, I can just visit the same chapter and scene and do that.

Now, I will have to keep thinking about it and see how schedules will work with me. I won’t be posting samples of my work in comic form(if you’ve seen me around, I have posted my drawings everywhere, haha). When the time comes, I might open like some sort of contest or whatever to see who’s book will become adapted.

What do you think guys? Would you be happy if I adapted your book or our favorite book on WP?


Honestly, I’d be really happy if you did. Though, Wattpad’s system isn’t really comic friendly. I’d prefer if it was posted on Tapas or Webtoons if you do end up adapting some WP books. It’s better to be safe than to risk something from glitching out.

Though, if life suddenly gets in the way. Focus on what’s happening there more. A comic adaption can always wait, but if school becomes overwhelming, that’s where you need to focus your priorities first & foremost.


NOOOOO!! That’s unfair! I just started :sob::sob::sob:


Sorry! ;w; Completed books is just easier to work with.

But don’t worry, once you finish your book, I may be able to work with you!


sniffle sniffle O-okay.


That sounds awesome. I agree with @ProjectMyst. It’s important to handle life so to speak and to have priorities.


@EllenFairyBlue4 you might be interested


Your work is really good, but i think a comic would benefit the requester way more than it would you.


My book isn’t written out completely but it’ll be done in about six more chapters. It’s a manga. If you’re interested.


also, i think i have another month til Machine and Magic is completed but thats just the first draft


@Fallintsel I have a very short complete story (called: “The Wandering Wizard” is in Spanish but I can re-upload it in English), maybe you can like it and you can make it a comic. You could work with my short story. If you accept, I will promote the comic in a video of my YouTube channel so you have more visibility.
I love to draw too, here I show you a drawing that I will:

what do you think? If you want to work with my story, I will upload it in English and I will give you publicity on my YouTube channel.


I think a lot of people would love to have a comics version of their books, especially if those aren’t in English to begin with (easier to translate). I would definitely check out a section where artists can post their stuff and interact with Wattpad authors in order to work together.

I want my yuri story to be out someday :grinning:


I would be so down for this!! :smile: Like I would practically beg you all to do a comics version of my story.


Here’s an old, unfinished one that I planned that was supposed to be a published comic— I ended up just writing it as a novel on WP due to time constraints.

I can do it, but I will have to really think deeply about it. :thinking:

I need to be picky with authors I work with.


Your art is so beautiful!! It reminds me of Berserk’s art.


Thank you!

I used to work as a dojinshi artist, so I’ve done quite some work in the past, haha.


Oh my gosh! That’s so cool!


Well, I don’t know what genres you’re into but I would be totally fine if you adapted Demon of the Night. :smile: You have my blessing lol.


Alrighty. :joy:

I’m gonna have to think about though. I don’t want to commit on too much stuff that it won t benefit me too well monetarily. I need to do stuff that should be worth it.


Dang… I didn’t consider money. I don’t think you could adapt it for profit since it’s based off the DC comics characters. :sob: