Thinking About It...(Being Able to Do Comic Adaptation of WP Books)


I’m sorry. D:

It becomes rather an issue to sell fancomics with characters originally from the west. There wasn’t too much problem on the Japanese side, however, but even so, I try to be careful!


I completely understand! Maybe I’ll come back to this thread when I finish my original story. :blush:


Your comics look really good! I’ve always wanted to see my completed superhero novel Villains For Hire as a comic - it’s how I always envisioned it, but I can’t draw to save my life, so I published it on Wattpad with illustrations by various artists at the beginning of each chapter. You can adapt it if you’d like, but I completely understand if you’d rather adapt another story. In any case, the idea of comic-making on Wattpad sounds awesome :smiley:


I can’t write proper grammar to save my life!

I don’t know yet with co-info with a random writer yet. You see, the problem is that I do want to help out, but I also want to benefit from it somehow. Making comics is actually rather hard, and for someone like me who managed to get accepted into a traditional comic publishing house, it’s amazing but tiring. Artists are often underpaid and underappreciated, so I need to plan my tactic properly.


Takes note of this.

But for real, attempting to do a comic adaption of a Wattpad book will be really time consuming and require tons of dedication. Seeing how you’re already busy with stuff in real life, keep your top priorities there. If I were you, I’d suggest to just go with Novellas and/or short stories. Not full-length novels, where you’ll be stuck on the same project for a really long time.


you did not answer me :frowning:


Sorry! I tend to forget all the time. :’D

I’m still thinking about it. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be easy for me to look for authors to co-with. I’ve got a lot of folks coming around on WP who want me to do their stuff, and drawing an entire comic doesn’t come very cheap. I really want to benefit from my works.

You have a lovely concept from what I see, I will have to see about it in the future.

Also, don’t worry about the Spanish translation, I can read Spanish, haha.


A no pasa nada. Porcierto, me encanta como dibujas :smile: .

Acabo de subir una obra en español y ingles, ademas incluí dibujos. Si quieres te puedes pasar y comentar, se llama: El secreto de Suritch.

Esta es mi portada:


Okay! :ok_hand:t2:

I’ll go check it out.


Hay muy poco contenido, completare la primera pagina cuando yo pueda jeje


It’s better if I get stuff that’s already completed. That way, I won’t have to wait or feel like I’m lacking writing something.

Completed works are what I really look for. It also avoids me from working on works that have been discontinued and my work is not out to waste.


Honestly, I think this would be an amazing thing to do! I’ve been thinking of turning my stories into comics once they’re done (because I imagine it would be easier to work with a completed story/script) but I’m in no way a professional artist and one of the reasons I started writing, was because I found it difficult to tell a story in pictures :sweat_smile:


I am the opposite. I find it rather difficult to write down descriptions and stuff, and I find it easier to express through pictures. However, this process takes longer than just writing things down. Writing is harder, but easier to change around compared to art.


You’re totally right with writing being more flexible. For me, I always have a pretty clear picture of the scenery and atmosphere in my head like looking at a picture or a movie and I put that into the writing.
With drawing, I just find it a little harder somehow to portray the plot through pictures.


That is so cool I wished my story was completed so that I can show you my story :frowning: Im like half way done. Your drawings look amazing XD


Thank you very much!

I am still thinking about it at the moment. I want to think about this decision thoroughly, haha.


yess I can imagine that its a hard decision


I think WP did have comics back in the day. There was that Fujoshi in male body one that probably when to Tapas. I don’t think this platform is suited for comics. It could be capable, but would take a bit of work to set it up right. I think Web Comics (Webnovel’s comic sister), Webtoons and Tapas tends to cater for comics.


Actually, I’d love to see my Zaldi boys in a comic with a lot of gunslinging kapow going on. There’s a lot of swordfighting in the book too. Probably need to skip on the romance scenes. One day maybe…


Well, in at least 31 more chapters I’ll be coming back if you’re still around here with this idea.

47-36 does = 31…right?

I can’t do math in my head, counting my drawer at work sucked last night and I had a headache starting by the time I left. I’ll have to do it again tomorrow (and that was with me stealing the pen from the front counter and a tray liner to help me keep track)