Thinking About It...(Being Able to Do Comic Adaptation of WP Books)


same if I ever get there I have scenes pictured in my head but I’m like how to describe it or at times I’m like how do I find the motivation to write. lol Finally found a writing buddy so hopefully that is going to change XD


Haha! That one I knew was done my a friend of a friend. :joy:

I know that one!

Before that was a thing, I used to have a comic of somewhat the same stand as that one. Except it’s about an Asian girl who ends up having an ability to turn into a dead young Russian soldier from the World War, who happens to be her past life. She gets into some existentiantial crisis since she doesn’t know if she or he was that actual person. :joy:




You should do what you most feel like doing. It’s definitely not easy, as I’m learning with this one Guillotine Scene in this 9 page comic.

I’d like it, but what I’d worry about is whether my story is hard to follow: I had to cut out a lot of inner monologue just to make it work myself.


Oh, I can see just fine, I see everything in my head like a movie or something, same when I read. I always see in 3rd person, and this was the first story I wrote in third person to match as well. I consider it my best work so far.


Is it still up some where? Pretty cool story.


If this was going to be an actual scenario where you really want me to adapt your work, there’s definitely going to be a price for it, may it be me monetarily or skill wise that can help me as well. Therefore as mentioned, I need to think of this well.


It’s gone now. :’D

But this one was one the drawings!


I plan to reboot it as a novel first and then move to doing the comics.


Sweet! That’s really cool. You probably find that if you write as novel first, you could adapt to comics a bit easier since you already have the subtleties outlined in the book.



This was one of my favorite stories since this really comes from the heart. It’s a story about the struggle of identity and acceptance in society. The female lead struggles being accepted being according to many, she’s too “barbaric.”

Though, it’s a fantasy in a way that whenever she hits her head somewhere, she automatically just changed bodies. :joy:


I’m sold. Hurry up and write it!!


For monetary, for some writers that might need to crowd fund for that sort of thing. Which from an artist angle, seems like a slightly … unreliable source of income: at least I’ve heard it’s really really hard to gain a following on Patreon.


The artistic world suffers a lot monetarily. No denying there. However, I know a lot of ways to profit without Patreon(however, I plan to open it because I have bigger plans for my book and the outcome). I really don’t care how the author gets the money, as long as they are able to keep the flow of things. I’m usually rather tame with getting underpaid. I’m often too lazy to say much either since I don’t want to interfere with the author’s vision.

I find marketing easy, especially when you know your target audience very well. Therefore, I have no problems with myself. However, most writers and artists don’t know how to advertise, therefore end up lacking traffic.

It’s likely because I grew up with CEO family members but I don’t know, haha.


With your talent, and my vision, we could rule the galaxy, if not all of Topeka, Kansas!


Ruling is to authoritarian, I prefer to rock it!


Too authoritarian, you say?

To the gulag with you! How’s that for authoritarian!?


To the Op though: What kind of genres do you prefer? My genres I wrote have changed considerably over the years: I used to completely rule out the idea of ever writing anything besides J-Horror, but now it’s I’m struggling to find a reason to keep doing GameLit. The original basis for GameLit was for a genre that could allow me to still use a realistic setting, but have considerable scifi and anime elements.

Not saying I couldn’t write scifi and fantasy elements now, but it has a very different feel, and my natural inclination, when I write things to be adapted for graphic novel, are closer to realistic fiction, with some magic.