Third Parties on Wattpad

Recently, we’ve had a number of writers inquire about online third party offers and whether these companies are working in partnership with Wattpad. As a reminder, Wattpad has standing business relationships with a variety of established companies in the film, television, and publishing industries. Our partners include the following:

Bavaria Fiction
Bliss Books
Entertainment One
NL Film
Penguin Random House UK
SONY Television
Wise Media

If one of our partners is interested in working with you, you’ll hear from Wattpad. Partners do not approach writers directly via the Wattpad platform.

As always, we encourage writers to do their research when it comes to any opportunity. While we love seeing writers find success both on and off Wattpad, we want to remind the community that if you enter your story into an agreement with a third party that is not affiliated with Wattpad, your story will not be eligible for any opportunity with Wattpad including The Wattys, Paid Stories, Wattpad Books, and Wattpad Studios.

Below are some helpful tips on how to make an informed decision.

  1. Conduct an Internet search of the company and see if it returns any results that may look suspicious. Gauge overall sentiment from writers who have worked with the company directly via forums like this.

  2. Ask the writer community in the Industry Insiders’ club. A number of Wattpadders who also work in the publishing and entertainment spaces may have additional insight or guidance.

  3. Pay attention to the phrasing and language used. Being addressed as “writer” or “author,” for example, could mean you’re receiving a generic offer aimed at hundreds of others.

  4. Ensure you fully understand the company’s process and their terms of agreement. Carefully read which rights you are signing away.

  5. Seek legal advice, if necessary. Always read the fine print so you are aware of what rights you may retain and what you are giving away.

  6. Never be afraid of asking too many questions. If the company is credible and genuinely interested in working with you, they should have no problem fielding all of your questions directly. Some questions you might ask: “Will my book appear in a bookstore or online only?” “Will there be marketing or sales support provided to ensure my book is a success?” “Which rights do I retain or forfeit by signing this contract?” “Is the contract negotiable?” “Will my book be edited by a professional?”

  7. Do not feel pressured to sign any contract that you do not feel comfortable with.

Remember, on Wattpad you retain all rights to your stories. Not all platforms work this way, so be careful and cautious when approached by ANYONE who wants you to sign away your hard work.

Ah, good to know!

Thank you for these! I feel like we always should have questions but maybe aren’t sure if they’re ‘dumb’ or not or are scared to ask and ruffle any feathers.

Thank you so much for this information! It’s incredibly useful and something I feel like a lot of us will refer back to (I know I will lol) many times.



Great information, Samantha!

Oh, excellent, thanks @samantha. Quite honestly, anything that approaches me on Wattpad can only be scam (unless it is WP themselves, ehem). The publishing industry just doesn’t work this way. Nobody hands out candies.
Okay, if one had gazillions of reads, then maybe, just maybe this can work. But for the humdrum rest of us? No way.


Thanks a lot for the information, Samantha :slight_smile: I’ve bookmarked this post for reference.

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To add to this, also pay attention to the grammar. If their grammar is horrible chances are they’re a scam. I’ve been approached by far too many that couldn’t even form a coherent sentence.

It’s very flattering to get that “we want to publish you” message, but celebrate, then take a second to calm down and do your research!


This is so helpful, thank you!

This is good to know. Never realised how many third parties are linked with Wattpad.

I was approached by Sofanovel just today and by dreame as well two weeks ago and the person used my user name…What now?

Report them. Then ignore them.

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@GigiLaurent You can PM @/TheOrangutan with the details:

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Remember, boys and girls, if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

I was contacted today by Monica Jones, saying she is with J.P. Publishing
I think I may be able to send the screenshot.

I’m just wondering if this is legitimate.

No publisher who poaches writers on WP is legitimate, sorry. Born in 2020 - that means the company is two months old and they recruit by fishing on another platform, ignoring the WP rules. Please do me a favour and do not respond, instead please report all poachers!


No. No legitimate publisher uses gmail. They have websites – not Wix – with custom domains and professional design. And they don’t pursue writers, because they are already inundated with submissions.

You don’t have to be “financed” to get access to bookstores – bookstores don’t charge for shelf space. This is either a scammer or a complete idiot. You don’t want to engage them regardless.

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I was contacted by laurel44444 about Sofanovel.

@chasing_happy Welcome to the community forums :slight_smile:

You can PM @/TheOrangutan with the details like screenshots of your PM:

Hello everyone I just got this direct mail through Wattpad. Maybe someone else also got this. Doesn’t sound legit
Here is a screenshot
image image