Third person and you...

So I was wondering what everyone’s opinion on third person is. The questions below does third person deep exist or is it just third person limited?

Do you write in third person?

How hard was it for you at first?

Have you tried third person omniscient?

Any and all opinions below.


It was natural

Yes, but limited is my best option

“Third person deep” isnt like an official term or anything. That’s third limited with very close narrative distance. In third limited, you can decide how close or how distant the narrative is from the main character’s inner workings. I personally prefer more intimate third person limited to distant third person.


Mm I agree with you just looking for other opinions. Oh also thank you for the cover you made for me a while back. XD

  1. Yes

  2. Natural, most of the books I read were written in third so third was what I gravitated towards.

  3. Yes. Crossroads (my older project) is written in omniscient. I chose to write it that way because it started off with the MCs doing their own thing and eventually their paths converged until they met in the same scene. It wouldn’t have worked as well in 3rd limited, imo.

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Omnicesnt looks vexing XD

Uh I mean, not really? For the scenes where the characters are doing their own things in their own places, it’s basically the same as writing 3rd limited. It just means the narrator can describe things that the reader can know, but the characters may not, when they’re all together - you still pick and chose what you reveal to the reader. Thinking too much about it and revealing too much info is what makes it complicated, imo.

Do you write in third person? Always

How hard was it for you at first? It wasn’t

Have you tried third person omniscient? I haven’t written any other type

Omniscient is very hard to write WELL. I’ve seen a lot of writers mistake it as easy because they don’t have to worry about head hopping, but the reality is that with omniscient the narrative needs to read smoothly enough so it can’t be mistaken for bad third limited, and deliberately enough so it doesn’t feel like you’re arbitrarily withholding information for the readers to maintain suspense. The lack of information that comes from a limited POV is an invaluable tool for most narratives.

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  1. Yes.

  2. Not hard at all. I grew up reading third person, so it comes naturally for me.

  3. I believe so, but I prefer third limited more.

I just naturally write in third person. It feels more natural to me to write in third person. I haven’t quite figured out why. I tried first person years ago but it was uncomfortable to write in. Writing in third person has always been my natural talent. Maybe it’s because I’m more comfortable with the past tense than anything else.

I do sort of have a third person omniscient but it’s limited to only one character, and I don’t write from his POV in this series until later on. Metatron, the omniscient character, is actually the scribe of the gods (He writes the Akashic Records) so he knows everything that’s going on. When he’s not in the records, he filters everything out to focus on his own thoughts, and the two other main characters. Sometimes he’ll read someone else’s thoughts too (because of the story) but that’s beside the point. LOL.

It does exist. They’re very similar to one another, but the difference is that third person deep takes it a step further. For example:

In third person limited, you may say:

Jamie shook his head. This idiot doesn’t know how to talk to women, he thought.

Tom’s mouth opened, about to say something, but instead gave a small, nervous laugh.

Wow, that’s attractive.

In third person deep, you may say:

Jamie shook his head. This idiot didn’t know how to talk to women.

Tom’s mouth opened, about to say something. But the loser gave a small, nervous laugh instead.

Ha. Moron. That wasn’t attractive at all.

I do. I write in both third person limited and first person.

Honestly, not that hard. First person and third person limited are basically the same, just with different pronouns.

No, and I never will. Omniscient is a very, very difficult perspective to master and nail down perfectly. I will not try it. xD


Third person is my favorite! I’m not really a fan of first person tbh. I don’t like the narrative being in a character’s head. I like there to be a bit of distance to the characters. Plus first person kind of raises some weird questions for me personally.

I mostly try omniscient but I think it can ne difficult to sell lol


Haha, in what way? :wink:

I think first person can sometimes be hard to pull off if the writer is new and still learning. Some people just do better with third person. :blush:

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true i try to challenge myself by doing third person more often than not.

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Pretty easy

Short and sweet I like it

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Yes! I write third person, but it varies which ‘type’ I use: I would say that I write in third person omniscient, though I’m not quite confident on what the different types are.

I naturally write third person. First person was quite tricky for me to write - I always struggled with it when I had to write first person creative tasks in school.

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I always wrote in first person, and I had a character in my last book which was written in third person but the MC was in first person.
Now I’m writing fully in 3rd person and I’m worried I’ve done the wrong thing. I’m worrying I’m not adding enough detail!

I tend to write more in third person. It’s easier for me to describe stuff and people often tell me my writing is better in third. I do like to sometimes write in first person depending on the story.