This is the next thread, Kaleth and Grecious



That’s not bad either




It is due to the accumulation of melanin your eye turned to teal…


Wow, I haven’t been on here all day


I’m doing something new on my page a new not book but I guess way of getting everything out so if you want you can read it now @CharaLiha @edoggypaws @cynically


Gotcha. I’ll go look.


I read it just now. Virtual hugs, lil bro.


Bee! You’re starting to sound like a creep now haha.


Lol. I know. Haha. It’s just that I was so bored and looking at people is kinda fun. Elaine was there too :joy::joy:

And why you up so late?


Don’t listen to her. She’s wack. You are so cute and funny. You made everyone laugh there, Bee.


waddup Invaders ?

@spookyrish iykwim :joy:


She’s wack? The irony is astounding here.




What irony? Bee was having fun and she was chatting with everyone over there, and complimenting everybody. They all so happy to see her. Then the wack here called her a creep! Wtf?


There’s a term called ‘joking’ which I don’t think you understand. Either way, we all know who the real creep is so pointing fingers doesn’t matter.


Rose! <3


What happened, Rose?


Hey Tanz! <3


How’s you?


Elaaaaaine cx how’s you?

@Chewton thinking of studying, not sure where to start xD