This is the next thread, Kaleth and Grecious


Thank you xD
It’s really my friend’s style, she always has a very anime/cute pfp. It’s temporary, though

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I do. Better than English, anyway


We haven’t met xD I’m Rose. Oh dear are you okay tho?

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Haha I saw a thread about that! I’m not sure I understand, but I’ll go with it. Whatever makes y’all happy


Baby Shark doo dooo doo doo

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Is it your first language? :o

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I have to, unfortunately


Yeah yeah xD

Ooh, yay! That’s good (that is, if you like 'em xD)

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Oh, I can believe that! Wish you all the very best!


Oh hi Rose! And yes I’m okay. I’m a sick person and I’m recovering at the moment. But, on the mend so to speak :blush: Thank you for your concern!


:joy: so sorry for triggering it again!

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It was very confusing, I know xD

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How was the ceremony?


Good, I like your other one :blush:

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its ok
now i just have to listen to ari on repeat
it’ll go away

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Unfortunately xD ahhh the student’s life ksksksjs i used to be really studious. Dunno what happened

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mommy shark dooododooo


I really do like em uwu i like someone a lot too hehehe UwU (you know who I’m talking about xD)


No, second, then French, then English

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xD yes, that one is definitely more me. On several levels xD

I feel like I’m a different person with this pfp. Like more cute xD