This is the next thread, Kaleth and Grecious


Abh I’m glad cx what’s up there now?

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Oh that’s good. And yes, hehehe xD :hearts:

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Good luck!

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Daddy shark dooooododoodooo

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There were people getting drunk in the background, talking about guitars, planning something about burning the place down, then I was supposedly kidnapped in the middle of it all xD
Very fun!


XD ahhh i feel so childish. What’s up there rn tho, Elaine? ouo you drawing?

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I’m watching Planet Earth and talking to you guys haha. My life is thrilling :stuck_out_tongue: What about you?


I think you still are very studious :slight_smile:


Oh, the other is cute too! And very unique.

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Oh dear! Glad you made it through safely. I hate when kidnappings ruin a good moment, you know? So disrespectful.


Oh, I can’t really remember that stuff… hm…:thinking:


xD it’s okey

Yesss I’m drawing xD


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I did!
Kales was trying to make people believe that I ran away xD


Just talking to y’all xD i should be studying though. Planet earth? ouo what’s there now? Cute lil animals?

@Chewton am not u.u I’m very lazy xD what year in school are ya in again btw?

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Of course…

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Just talking to y’all atm ;u; might disappear in a few

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What are you drawing? :smiley:

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I’m quite lazy too xD Also, I’m done with school so yaay!


Ooooh did you get cold feet?

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lol thanks
i need it smh