This is the next thread, Kaleth and Grecious


Hi Angie! I go by either Sci or Lena :slight_smile: Nice to meet you! I’ve been MIA for several weeks but I like to hang out here


Done with school exams but I still have entrance exams left

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ik cx, youre a legend

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Ooooh I see. Sounds like it works a little differently there. When do you take entrance exams?

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so many sharks
makes me think twice about surfing o.o

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A blue jay :bluehearts:

Me too xD birds are awesome

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I’m a legend? Hahaha interesting.


BEAUTIFUL! What medium are you using?

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A lot different, apparently xD

I’ve had a couple of them already. I have the next one on 21st


My drawing tablet xD
It has all sorts of tools like pencil, pen, paint, etc. I usually use a good variety of them xD


nice that youre back

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Oh m gosh. So nerve wracking. I’m sure you’ll do well though :slight_smile:

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Nice! I’m sure it will turn out well :slight_smile:

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:blush: Thank ya.
I’ll be sure to post it once I’m done


Imagine they are all like Bruce…

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AH that would be great! Can’t wait :slight_smile: Will you tag me?

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Please tag us!


Surfing sounds scary

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:blush: Yeah, for sure! :hearts:

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You got it :wink: :hearts:

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