This is the next thread, Kaleth and Grecious


we have cherry blossoms owo


-yawns quietly-

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Hi, Arrie :smiley:


what’s new?

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I see alllll the cherry blossom pictures on insta these days haha

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Nothing really…still got to study XD

what about you?


I should be studying too…
at 12 am.

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you should be sleeping,Arrie



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ari! : D


What time is it in the states?


Around 2-3 in the morning

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Cherry blossom trees. :cherry_blossom:


Damn, no wonder.

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I figured, but really?

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Yeah, there’s a whole festival and everything. This is from washington. org,

The festival, which runs from March 20 – April 14, 2019, is full of events that honor both American and Japanese cultures and represents a close bond forged between the two countries that began with Tokyo Mayor Yukio Ozaki’s gift of the trees back in 1912.


Whoaaa nice! I might have to rethink my plans of never going to America!

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Ah, yes, it’s rather beautiful, I’ve heard. (I’ve been to DC before, but not in the spring)

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lailai you changed your dp ouo


Yups xD Tia chose it for me haha

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