This thread is cursed


Oh no! You opened the thread of evil and peril! You are now cursed with the last curse posted!

Your curse is to always be behind a slow moving driver with a blinking left turn signal, but never turns!

Post the next person’s curse to free yourself or you will remain cursed forever! Muahahahaha!

Play nice

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The Lad and Lass Thread (proudly destroying the word "Dude")
We Need More Friends 9.0
We Need More Friends 9.0

Wow, okay, I came in here with curiosity and now I’m going to be stuck in traffic forever…

Your curse is that every single person you like will fall in love with you right after you completely stop having feelings for them until you’re 46 years old. Then you’ll find true love or whatever. I’m not heartless, see.


:weary: I was looking forward to finding my match a little earlier. But I guess I can wait.
Your curse is that every time you log into Wattpad, you hear We Are Number One at max volume, especially if you’re at school or work. And it will play on a loop for 3 hours!


Is that really a curse tho? Sounds like a blessing to me.


That would be weird, but okay…

Your curse is the pharaoh’s curse. (Not like you think. A guy dressed as a pharaoh will follow you around 24/7 and say ‘curse you’ every five minutes.)


LOL! Can I kill him?

Your curse is the Rick Astley curse. All music you hear is replaced with Never Gonna Give You Up. Forever. Your favorite song? “Happy Birthday?” Everything on the radio? It’s all rickrolls now.

And worse, you’re the only one hearing this. Your friend would be hearing the original song, but you’d be hearing “…we’re no strangers to looooove”, and hearing it forever.


Sweet Jesus, not my music!

Your curse is to have all the characters you’ve ever loved or written turn into Mary/Gary Sues. They’ve had their defects removed altogether and there’s no way to turn them back.


NOOOOO… Auralee… :sob:

Your curse is that you can never fall asleep, ever. Tranquilizers don’t work on you, and you can’t fall asleep normally.


I’m gonna have a short life now, but ok.
Your curse is that everything that’s on when you turn on the TV turns into Teen Titans Go. Even your recordings are not safe from this curse. It only lasts for 24 hours, though.


HISSsssssss-oh whatever. Only 24 hours? I don’t watch that much TV anyways.

Your curse is that you’ve been kidnapped by the Amish and have to give up technology forever.


I don’t think you’re allowed to do something that extreme, but whatever. Also why would the Amish kidnap me? Aren’t they like the good people or something? Ah whatever I could live on books I guess

Your curse is that whenever you put on a jacket Despacito will play in your ears (no one else can hear it) for until you take the jacket off.


the original or the remix? the original I can handle, but justin beiber? can’t do that. maybe I’ll just throw on like ten sweaters or something.

your curse is every time you walk/jog/run someplace, I will walk 500 miles by the proclaimers will blare loudly in only your right ear.


Um, okay. I will probably go deaf, but okay.
Your curse is that you cannot say anything except if it pertains to memes. This will continue until you run out of memes.


yeah but only in one ear. because I’m that nice of a person.

I know like three memes so that’s really not going to go very well.

your curse is that when you have pizza, it must always include anchovies.


I am so glad that I’ve never had anchovy pizza before.

Your curse is that, whenever you mention England or cities, It’s Everyday Bro plays (only you can hear it), the entire thing, and you can’t shut it off until the song stops.


I mean, at least it doesn’t last forever?

Your curse is that whenever someone gives you an order (“clean the bathroom”, “do your work”) you must sprint to the middle of the road and scream ‘fish skittles’.


Actually, what I meant by that was that it would last forever, but only activate when you mentioned England or cities. E.g. One day you would say “That’s why I moved to the city,” and the song would play and play until it ended. Later that day you would say “I’m thinking of taking a trip to England”, and the song would start up again.

Oh my god, how embarrassing! :disappointed_relieved:

Your curse is that you can’t see color anymore, just black and white.


No, yeah, I knew that. I meant it like ‘phew, at least the song only goes until it ends, it doesn’t go on and on’.


Why am I not only half-deaf, but also color-blind?

Your curse is that you everything you see looks like it is in the TV show “The Problem Solvers” for three days. Please be safe, and try not to go blind.


I have never seen that, so HA

Your curse is that you can’t speak anymore. Whenever you try to you start singing the Major General song from Pirates of Penzance.