This thread is cursed


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Your curse is that gravity will reverse for you.


That would be cool, so go ahead.

Your curse is that everyone you meet will be super happy and caring or super mad until you smile because you thought of something truly amazing for your story.


I don’t quite understand, but that sounds dreadful.

Your curse is that you will misspell every word you type or write for the next 5 months.


I wuld hat tht

Your curse is that every fanfic you wrote will be deleted and thus, you won’t be able to write anymore


I don’t have any fanfics out yet, so :stuck_out_tongue:

Your curse is that you can only listen to Justin Bieber.



Your curse is that everything you touch will be turned into dirt


Oh great, gotta get rid of this one quick. Stupid hook title, made me open the thread.

Your curse is that you get blamed for everything that happens around you. Shoplifting? Yep, that’s you. Don’t have any stolen package, no we know it’s you anyway, you prolly handed it off to someone to hide it.


I’m already screwed in terms of schoolwork. Do your flippin’ worst.

Your curse is that you will be fired from every job you will ever work at for burning the building down.


Yay, great.

Your curse is that you are angry all the time and you take everything serious


do I have this curse naturally?