This thread is cursed


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Your curse is that gravity will reverse for you.


That would be cool, so go ahead.

Your curse is that everyone you meet will be super happy and caring or super mad until you smile because you thought of something truly amazing for your story.


I don’t quite understand, but that sounds dreadful.

Your curse is that you will misspell every word you type or write for the next 5 months.


I wuld hat tht

Your curse is that every fanfic you wrote will be deleted and thus, you won’t be able to write anymore


I don’t have any fanfics out yet, so :stuck_out_tongue:

Your curse is that you can only listen to Justin Bieber.



Your curse is that everything you touch will be turned into dirt


Oh great, gotta get rid of this one quick. Stupid hook title, made me open the thread.

Your curse is that you get blamed for everything that happens around you. Shoplifting? Yep, that’s you. Don’t have any stolen package, no we know it’s you anyway, you prolly handed it off to someone to hide it.


I’m already screwed in terms of schoolwork. Do your flippin’ worst.

Your curse is that you will be fired from every job you will ever work at for burning the building down.


Yay, great.

Your curse is that you are angry all the time and you take everything serious


do I have this curse naturally?


Um I already have that. Your curse is that you can only type quotes from obscure shows.


“Ladies, the bus needed tires… So i’ve sold your kidneys!”

Your curse is that every image you see on internet, especially profile pictures all will be replaced with this:

Also, it’s ‘Rock You’, not ‘F//k You’ just in case someone misread his headband


Your curse is that every time you try to enjoy a work of fiction, you will become too aware of every single plothole, thus avoiding you from enjoyning it!

Good job enjoyning Star Trek: Discovery ever again!


You utter fool! Your curse is that every time you try to watch your favourite movie again, the ending changes to be more unsatisfying than the last, and you have no memory of it!

Have fun trying to watch The Martian, you utter fooooool!!!


Oh no, that’s bad even if i don’t watch movies that much.

Your curse is that the next person(someone that will reply to you after you post your own curse)'s curse will happen to you 50 times and it will get worse everytime it happens


Glad I jumped the gun.

Your curse is that you will only ever be able to watch Johnny Test and every time a whip cracks the bass will drop instead.


Yay, Johnny Test…

Your curse is that your phone wallpaper will be replaced with an armless and legless man. You’ll never be able to change wallpaper



Your curse is that you will always have a little kid’s song in your head, even when you are sleeping.


Alrighty then… :child:

Your curse is that you are the only person alive. Everything else you see is just graveyard of someone else.


All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere

Your curse is that you will have deplorable acne for a month.