This thread is cursed


No, thank you.

Your curse is that everywhere you go, there will be a huge tornado behind you. It can kill you if you’re not running or if you’re walking slowly.


Guess I’d better run.

Your curse is that you know every spoiler for the next books or episodes in your favorite series.


Fuuuu, now i can’t watch anything i want!

Your curse is that you have superpowers

But your superpower is hurting yourself every second.



Your curse is that you taste like chocolate ice cream.


Hmm, i am delicious. sorry not sorry

Your curse is that you have to study everyday, even when it’s weekend


Thanks. Now I have no personal time.

Your curse is that you can only speak and type in the third person.


Alrighty then…

Your curse is that your internet will be too slow and everytime you open a new tab, your PC/phone crashes and restarts again.


Why is this so true now?

Anyways, Your curse is to always tumble down a flight of stairs every time you descend stairs.



Your curse is that you will be terribly allergic to the dankest memes.


I’m allergic to everything else do why not.

Your curse is to always have one sock that slides down into your shoe no matter what you do to stop it. One sock of any that you wear, not just one sock in particular.


Noo! Not socks…

Your curse is that everything is expensive so you can’t buy anything


No! The wifi is too pricey!

Your curse is that you can only watch Ratboygenius on Youtube.


I can NOT use Youtube, if that fixes the issue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your curse is that everything you do will be recorded so, everyone will know


This pretty much describes how I feel about this.

Your curse is that all of your clothes will be adorned with the most embarrassing logos and characters imaginable (Shopkins, Dora, etc.).



Your curse is that you’ll live inside house, locked for 4 years unable to go outside.


Your curse is that you will always be in the center of a miniature Category 2 hurricane.


Gotta go fast!

Your curse is that time is normal for everyone, but for you, time is extremely slow so, everything you do is really long and slow



Your curse is that from now on you’re gonna hate raisins. But unfortunately, all of your chocolates, cakes, and cookies are gonna be filled with raisins!!


Oh, hell no!

Your curse is that every time you wake up, you’re forced to talk with some random person


That’s kinda nice but creepy…if that makes sense

Your curse is that you mention your deepest secret to everyone you talk to…even the person who takes your order at a restaurant…