This thread is cursed


Ah, shit. If they don’t care, then i’m good.

Your curse is that the only things you can buy is drugs.
No food, no beverages, nothing. Just drugs.


That’s crazy!!!

Your curse is that you can never sleep anymore…even if you’re really sleepy…


Noooo, i love sleeping!

Your curse is that you can’t see people, cars, food, beverages, cities, sky, you name it. You can’t see anything, except the ground. The only thing you can see is ground.


That’s …insane!!!

Your curse is that every time you go out, someone spills coffee on you…by chance…i guess…


I don’t like coffee, so that must be a terrible curse

Your curse is that in EVERY story/fanfic you write, your characters will have no development and every story you read, characters will either have a lot of flaws to the point you hate them or they will have absoutely 0% development.


That’s ridiculous!!!

Your curse is that after every time you drink water, you’re gonna sound like a dying whale…


Shit, no more hydration

Your curse is that the ONLY types of videos you can watch is gore or porn. No music, no songs, no anime, no cartoons, nothing, whatever site you are on. You can watch only gore or porn.


Anyway I can get a 1-day lift on this curse? Specifically on April 26th when Avengers comes out?

Your curse is that the more important the person you’re talking to, the more like a 6 year-old your voice becomes.


I’ll talk to no one important then

Your curse is that everyone you like or is nice to you is dead but everyone you hate/dislike or is rude to you is still alive


Hmm. Whelp, might as well kill everyone so I could get some damn peace and quiet.

Your curse is that anytime you try to use an electrical device, it bugs out and crashes beyond repair.


I… I’ll never touch electrical devices again.

Your curse is that you will never have Wi-Fi, no matter where you go. Not even in your home. Nowhere. You will never have Wi-Fi connection.



Your curse is that you can never swear again.


Fu… Error. Please try again.

Your curse is that every word you say is replaced with ‘moist’.


moist moist moist moist moist
Well, that was cringey.

Your curse is that you can only speak in the language of dead memes


Cory in the Shrekouse is the best anime

Your curse is that you finally have ability to fly, but you can never fly down, you should fly higher and higher


Good. It’s time to fly into the sun, just as I’ve always dreamed.

…Fine, I’ll free myself.

Your curse is that you will lose every video game you play! You’ll lose bad.


I can never play Pokemon Go again.

Your curse is that you can only eat shards of glass.


That’s probably the worst “food” i’m going to eat

Your curse is that once you wear a hat, you’ll never be able to unwear it. It’ll stay on your head forever.


But I look awful in hats!

Your curse is that you can only watch Minecraft let’s plays and nothing else. No TV, nothing. Just 12 year olds playing Minecraft and screaming.


At least there’s Stampycat and DanTDM.

You, on the other hand, can only watch Let’s Plays of Baldi’s Basics.