This thread is cursed


Your curse is that you have to sing everything you say, or you will have a bag of peanuts thrown at you by everybody. It doesn’t matter where you are; you still have to sing or be pelted with peanuts.


FYI I have not seen Problem Solvers either. I just know that it’s really bad and the animation is eye-meltingly cringey.


That’s OK, I love acting like I’m in a musical ANYWAYYYYSSSS

Your curse is that you turn into your PFP. Is it a flower? You’re a flower now. Is it pizza? You are now a pizza. Is it multiple people like Roramie’s? Have fun as a hive mind, I guess.


I don’t mind being Ed Sheeran at all, actually, but I wouldn’t make it a day in hollywood so I’ll play along

Your curse is that one of your fingers will sting everyt ime you type the word ‘the’.


Ow, that sounds terrible! I can’t avoid typing tve word! (But I did find tve loophole…)

Your curse is that you will be forever haunted by dead memes, like dabbing and ugandan knuckles. Tve memes will show up whenever you try to post on any forum ever.


You’ll notice I changed the image. I do not want to offend anybody.

Your curse is that every time that you say the word ‘you’, Ocean Man will play on a continuous loop until you sing along and then it will stop until you say you again. Nobody else can hear this but you.


Um, that’s a blessing though??? Lmao

Your curse is that every time you are about to cook a meal, you realize you’re missing one of the ingredients even though you SWEAR you bought it the day before


I don’t really cook, so I can deal with it.

Your curse is that your shadow will come to life in the shape of Kyubey and pester you until you ‘make a contract’ with it (really you just give it five bucks). This will happen every time you say the word ‘wish’.
Btw your shadow will look like this


Your curse is that you can only speak/understand a random language until you actually visit a country that speaks that language. Not hard for Spanish. Very hard for Latin.


No voy a visitar México pronto, así que esta podría presentar una problema.

Your curse is that every night, you will turn into a tiny dragon and fly around the house, getting little to no sleep and freaking your parents and siblings (or if you’re in college, your roommate) out. When you wake up, you will only remember the hazy details of what happened.


Oh, dear… That would be pretty weird.

Your curse is that you will drink diet coke after eating Mentos



Your curse is that every time you puke, you will puke rainbows instead of normal vomit.



Your curse is that every time you walk, you will step on a lego and, the more you step on legos, the more painful it is


Oh… oh god… I’ll just break both my legs and then I’ll end up in a wheelchair so I don’t have to deal with that…:sob:

Your curse is that the next curse you post comes back to you ten times stronger.


Uh oh! I would probably die…

Your curse is that you will be forced to watch one person die every time

The more you watch, the more painful person's death is


Oh my god… but every time when?

Your curse is that you have to watch ten people die, because of the previous curse.


(Every time, one person will die and when one person dies, the one person will get replaced with another person so, it’s infinite loop of people dying)
No, thanks… Too bad i can’t turn back.

Your curse is that everytime you say something, one of your body parts will be cut.


Oh crap! Guess I’m not talking anymore.

Your curse is that you have to read every Wattpad thread.


That will take really a lot…

Your curse is that you will be blind for eternity and everything you do is what you do accidentally


Aw crap

Your curse is that you are trapped in the darknet. You can’t leave your room or get off the computer, and you have to keep browsing the darknet forever. Whenever you start starving, a pizza delivery guy shows up with the kind of pizza you hate and you have to eat it, when you start dying of thirst, you get your least favorite soda and you have to drink it.