This thread is cursed


I’m not in a relationship.

Your curse is that you always have to rap instead of talking.


Okay, that’s not too bad / That won’t make me sad / It’ll be embarrassing / But it’ll be like I’m in In The Heights or Hamilton / And I like both of those musicals / They’re cool and I / Always like to listen to them!

(Terrible rap I know)

Your curse is that all music you hear is either insulting, severely against your views, or fitting - in a bad way. Like if you’re a feminist, all the music you hear is mysogynist.


I hate every artist right now.

Your curse is that every time you get mad, you become a Super Saiyan and destroy everything you see.


Shit, I get angry at everything… Well stop making Nazi jokes, or you’ll have to run for your lives, guys! And shut up! (That’s one way to stop him from disrupting…)

Your curse is that your life looks like a Virtual Boy game for the next 666 days.



Your curse is that you will have a permanent case of the hiccups, and every time you get mad, they get worse. Sry :frowning:


Ah miercoles, todo metiche le pasa algo, habllando de hilos malditos, la tuya es que el final de tu hilo rojo (leyenda japonesa) termina en el cementerio, jiji lo siento pero la otra era la del chino errente


No estoy muy segura de esto creo que me toca maldecirte, por metiche me pasan las cosas, aquí va te maldigo con la maldición del chino errante, la barriga para atrás y el trasero para adelante


Oh no…

Your curse is that you won’t be able to talk to anyone or listen to anything/anyone because you can’t hear anything or anyone.


Oh god no, not my precious music… wait, you just cursed me with deafness. Could that be considered offensive?

Your curse is that everything you write becomes in some way offensive.


Oh, boy! I don’t want that.

Your curse is that every person you met in real life will automatically kill themselves and that every person you met and try to talk on internet will forever be inactive and never return which means you will never be able to talk to anyone, not even your family. No one. (however, don’t worry about yourself, looking at mirror doesn’t have a effect)


No… no… I’ll just kill myself then, I don’t want to hurt anyone… :sob:

Your curse is that you are trapped in this forum. FOREVER. You can’t click on another tab. Eventually you become part of the Internet and exist as an AI like Tay or Cleverbot.


Wow… That really sounds like a curse. Really.

Your curse is that:

  • Every food/candy you eat will be really really disgusting
  • Every beverage you drink will also be disgusting (especially water)
  • Every video you watch will have a very very high sound, making it annoying
  • Every song/music you listen will last only 1 second so, it’s confusing



Your curse is that, in real life, you have to go by your Wattpad forum name.


That would be really weird… I just don’t want people to talk about my name.

Your curse is that everyone will hate whatever you like/love, no matter what, no matter how good it is, everyone will hate it.


Being that I want to eventually become an actress, everybody will hate theatre and not come to my plays. New life plan!

Your curse is that all the words you say will be replaced with dick jokes. You cannot detect that this is happening.


Aw, man! How crazy!

Your curse is that everytime you try to write a story on Wattpad or other writing websites, it will be instantly deleted without your knowledge. You never know why it’s deleted.


I can’t tell what you’re trying to say, other than something about penises
Noooooo! :frowning:

Your curse is that you are covered in bees that never go away.


Oh my God! Ouch!

Your curse is that everyone you know (real life AND internet) will turn instantly rude and whenever you try to talk with them, they will call you rude words and say something very rude about you. They will also be rude to everyone else they talk to, turning them also rude.


I just won’t talk to anyone anymore.

Your curse is that the next time you commit a crime, regardless of how small, you are given a life sentence.


Wait, what did i do? Wait, no!

Your curse is that every word you say will have only 1 letter. (real life and internet)