This thread is cursed


Stupid Fortnite needs to die already!

Your curse is that you will be trapped in your least favorite game for 48 hours.


Nooooooooo!! This is like hell!

Your curse is that the only food you can eat is poop


That sounds awful! Good thing I had lunch already.

Your curse is that all of your posts will be replaced by the worst memes.


Uh oh! Seems like that’s not the worst thing that can happen, but actually really close…

Your curse is that you will have to leave every fandom you like and in order to get back to them, you have to join a fandom you don’t like and be fan of it for a year



Your curse is that you will always be sarcastic.


Seems like i will be the most sarcastic person in the world, if that is even my goal.

Your curse is that whenever you use Google images, no matter what you search, you will always get pictures of fetish “art” characters



You can never use Google again.


I can use Yahoo! or other searching sites similar to Google, checkmate

Your curse is that the only movie you can watch is ‘End of Evangelion’. There is no other movie, just End of Evangelion.


I don’t know that one, sorry bro

Your curse is that everybody will call you “Bro” now.


Ah, s**t, that word is overused anyway.

Your curse is that your eyes will be replaced with toy eyes


Eww! Creepy!

Your hair will turn to spaghetti.


Ouch, someone will most likely eat it now.

Your curse is that every character you like will be massively hated by the fandom



well i brought it upon myself.This is a cursed thread after all.

Your curse is that whenever you decide to watch something you will hear the voice of an old man telling you all the spoilers.


Well, I don’t really care. But ‘old man’… OLD MAN SET ME OFF.

Your curse is that your teachers will assign a new homework for every time you finish.



Your curse is that a random cat will eat your homework every time you finish it.


As an adult no longer in school, the random cat eating my homework is probably going to turn into my cat eating important financial documents. Can’t risk.

You’re curse is that you’ll get restful night sleep and have good dreams.



Your curse is that you will have good luck for the rest of your life!


Oh, thanks!

Your curse is that the next curse you see will be negative.


Well, goodbye positive…

Your curse is that you will have a lot of money

But all that money is just a paper and they are fake, so you can’t buy anything with them


Just more scrap paper, nice.
Your curse is being able to write amazing adventure stories but only with unsatisfactory endings.