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Thanks for the covers, I like the left cover its somehthing I was kind of looking for. I won’t forget to credit you :slight_smile:


MINIMAL SIMPLE MANIP (i feel like either one ?? idk)

TITLE | Peace & Peaches

AUTHOR | lilacjuniper

SHORT SUMMMARY | Cleo Conway is sent off to her cousins’ house for the summer while her parents “sort out some things”. There, she is thrust on an adventure of imagination and fun with her cousin Ava Louise and the neighbor boy, Sawyer. Between her adjustment to her cousins’ lives and her vivid imagination, Cleo learns to see life from a different perspective.

MOOD/COLOURS | oranges, pinks, light greens - lighter mood, light hearted

IDEAS/IMAGES | I’m thinking a young girl reading at the base of a tree. Or just a hand holding a peach. The girl has blonde/brown hair and is on the younger side (think young teens), if you’re going to go with the first option. Other ideas: just a peach tree or a peach could work !!

FONT* | something cute, but not toooo cutesy. A simple font that’s touching the cursive side would be nice. But whatever looks good!

ANYTHING ELSE* | thank uuu!!!<3


Should be done in 1-2 days, I’ll post it once the payment is complete <3


Hi! Thank you so much for the covers! I really like the second one, but is it possible to shift down the text a lil? ^^





AUTHOR | osthaller

SHORT SUMMMARY | a braindump (rants, tags)

MOOD/COLOURS | very monochrome, black, whites greys. sophisticated, like antiquity-sophistication. so like greek god statues and giant, beautiful pieces of art and detailed architecture

IDEAS/IMAGES | i really liked the ebb and flow minimalistic example (in covers, the koi fish one).


FONT* | times new roman

ANYTHING ELSE* | is there a password? i didn’t see a password.


yep for sure i’ll pm you the changes <3


Should be done in 2-3 days, I’ll post it once the payment is complete <3


thank you!


oh I completed the payment, btw. I hope my review of your poem makes sense to you :sweat_smile:



TITLE | The Bad Boy, The Golden Boy and Me

SUBTITLE* | none.

AUTHOR | KateAnnee

SHORT SUMMMARY | “You’re going to fall for me, Kara, no matter how hard you try to resist. The good girl always falls for the bad boy,” he smirked.

Eastridge and Westwood have been rivalling schools since the dawn of time.

Wanting to settle this rivalry once and for all, the badboy of Westwood and golden boy of Eastridge make a deal.

The first person to make a girl from the rivalling school fall for them wins. Easy right?

Grayson Parker. Eastridge’s golden boy. Handsome and charming. Has a weakness.

Blake Taylor. Westwood’s bad boy. Hot and cruel. Has a secret.

Insert Kara Williams. Eastrigde’s good girl. She’s innocent and oblivious but she’s also Grayson’s best friend that nobody knows about.

She runs into Blake one night, not knowing about the deal. Yet somehow, she ends up in the middle of it.

“Let her go Blake, she isn’t apart of this,” I heard Grayson plead which only made me more confused. I wasn’t apart of what?

Though Blake only scoffed,“A deal is a deal, Parker. That is unless you want to forfeit.”

MOOD/COLOURS | happy, in love. Bright colours.

IDEAS/IMAGES | A boy and girl messing and having fun.


Current cover


FONT* clear and easy to read.

ANYTHING ELSE* The main girl has brown hair and hazel eyes (Kara Williams.) Blake Taylor has black hair and green eyes. Grayson Parker has Blonde hair and Grey eyes.


Should be done in 2-3 days, I’ll post it once the payment is complete <3


Hi! Once again sorry for the wait, hopefully one of these fits your book. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit in the blurb <3


Ill definitely be using, thank you so much for your hard work! Credits will definitely be added to the blurb x


Hi! Hope these are what you had in mind, I was unsure of what to do with the font, so if you’d prefer something simpler I’d be happy to change it. Anyway tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit <3


Hmmm, what would one look like with a simpler font?


the bottom one


Hi! Here are your covers, I hope they’re what you had in mind. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget the credit in the blurb <3



TITLE | No More Hope

SUBTITLE* | All stories have an end

AUTHOR | Nightfall_Protocol

SHORT SUMMMARY | A superhero story finale where a large group have to go up against an impossible foe who wants the end of time itself and has the means to do so.

MOOD/COLOURS | lifeless, bleak, dark

IDEAS/IMAGES | For the whole sense of dread and loss I was hoping for something like a ripped cape hanging on a wall or a bloody hero mask something to show the heroes will lose the fight.


FONT* | Nothing in particular

ANYTHING ELSE* Nothing here.


Should be done in 2-3 days, I’ll post it once payment is complete <3


Thanks man I’ll get right to it