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Hi! I hope this is what you wanted, just ask if you need changes. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit in blurb <3


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Hi! I really hope these suit your book. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit in the blurb <3



TITLE the drug dealer


AUTHOR imtotallynotokay

SHORT SUMMARY andy biersack is a detective put on desk duty and Michael Clifford is a drug dealer and the police have no idea what he looks like or what his real name is. The two meet in a sketchy park at night. (Sorry this is all I have written for it so far but I think I’m going to have andy find out that Michael is the drug dealer and hide that fact from everybody than have him get caught but he’ll refuse to tell them who the drug dealer is and go to prison for that).

MOOD/COLOURS maybe gloomy and dark but do whatever you think fits best

IDEAS/IMAGES 1. Andy biersack In a prison uniform (maybe crying but I’m not sure) 2. Andy biersack as a detective image

image image

FONT* i don’t know

ANYTHING ELSE* if you do decide to actually do this and you decide to do andy biersack in a prison uniform you can find him in both orange (American satan movie) and white (wake up by black veil brides music video).


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Should be done in 2-3 days, I’ll post them once the payment is completed <3


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Hi! I loved the title so I experimented a bit with your covers, hope they’re what you’re looking for! Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget to leave credit in the blurb <3



Hi! Hopefully this is what you had in mind, just ask if you need any changes. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit in the blurb <3


It looks awesome, I do have somewhat of a change (if its not too much - tell me if it is), could you rotate the dagger so it’s horizontal, make it a little smaller, and place it between the words “abalone” and “dagger.”?

That would be awesome! :slight_smile:


*I know nothing of what I want it like, simplistic, but a lot of things going into it…! Idea!
TITLE | The Tale of Two Swords

SUBTITLE* | none…yet?

AUTHOR | Angel Durham

SHORT SUMMMARY | Well, what I do have is the world was taken over and pretty much destroyed by vampires. Most humans were slaughtered in the beginning of the war, now the vampires are slowly rounding them up and culling the biggest populations still around. Most cities are underground or heavily barricaded, small villages are few and far between, the inhabitants of which hide in cellars at night when the vampires come out (really, they are like giant bats…at night, it is discovered due to my one character being injured and captured by my other character who is a vampire hunter that they turn into people in the day) ANYWAY, Trevor (vampire) and my vampire hunter start off, her dragging him to the next outpost of vampire hunters to interrogate him for any knowledge, things happen through out the story so that when they arrive like halfway through the book, my hunter no longer wants to see him hurt. (They become like best buds by the end)

MOOD/COLOURS | Blacks, reds, silvers, golds. Danger vibe.

IDEAS/IMAGES | I was thinking of having a black background with white fangs, blood coming off of them and maybe two rapiers crossed over that? Or under? :thinking: Maybe have a blood splatter? I was trying to play around with Canva…don’t laugh: Untitled%20design%20(1)
It looked ok from my screen…then I saved it…it looks horrible now when I look at it on canva I see all the things I see wrong with it in this picture

I just realized, instead of the fangs being behind or above the swords…have the swords between the fangs? SO, big fangs, but the swords are inside…I really suck at explaining things


Fangs: tee-shirt-crocs-de-vampire-noir

The handle looks so fancy and purdy :grin: Pretty much, elegance is the overall feel I guess…bloody elegance, that’s it :joy: I still can’t get over the fact I used a pet resume as a character sheet for Trevor :rofl:

FONT* | Something like handwriting? Like…cursive, fancy, squiggly, all that fun stuff, but still easy to read

ANYTHING ELSE* | Meh, need new ideas let me know


Sure, which dagger do you prefer? X


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Should be done in 2-3 days, I’ll post it once payment is complete <3


Hi! Hopefully these are what you had in mind. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit in the blurb <3


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