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Just an honest comment on any part of one my books :slight_smile:


No problem! I’d love to :smiley:


I hope you like them, I went for a more cutsie vibe and I don’t know if it’s too simple for you, so if you’d like any changes don’t hesitate to tell me. The last one was just me playing around, so I thought I might as well include it. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget to give credit in the blurb <3


These are all so cute and perfect! Thank you :))))


YAYYYYY!!! I’m so glad you like them, thank youuuu :blush:


I should be publishing chapter 1 sometime this week, but I’m going to have to narrow down and find out which cover I like the best! You did so good!


awe thank youuuuu, I’m definitely gonna read it when it comes out :wink:


I hope you like them. I decided to go for the steamier vibe, hopefully it’s not too much. I struggled a bit with the fonts so if you want me to change anything don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile: Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget to give credit in the blurb.



TITLE | The Devil’s Son

SUBTITLE* | of angels and demons

AUTHOR | TheJadeWheel

SHORT SUMMMARY | Elizabeth de Baptiste and Lucian Black have found each other at last, but this time there are new troubles on the horizon. Lucian may have managed to escaped the grasps of Satan, but now Heaven wants him to pay for a crime he didn’t commit.

MOOD/COLOURS | Rather dark, contrasting with the light possible.

IDEAS/IMAGES | No well known celebrity faces please. I think maybe a white feather vs a black feather portrayed on a background of a sky or something would be alright.

FONT* | Preferrably a non cursive main title and a cursive subtitle that is of a smaller font.

ANYTHING ELSE* | This is the second book of a series!


Should be done by tomorrow at the latest, so I’ll post it once you’ve completed the payment <3


Hi! Hope you like these covers. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any changes :slight_smile: Tell if you’ll be using and don’t forget to give credit in the blurb <3



TITLE | West of Tomorrow

SUBTITLE* | One outlaw, one 21st century woman, these two together? Spells a whole lot of trouble…

AUTHOR | Angel Durham

SHORT SUMMMARY | Elias Munce comes from the time of outlaws and when America had just sprawled out from coast to coast, the West was still being built up. Riley Farfield is a 21st century girl, wit personal issues of her own. One night, in both of their lives, they awaken to find themselves by each other, in the middle of a desert. Both quickly find themselves in a completely different time in the future, one where the water isn’t the only thing they should be cautious about. The town is as deadly as the fallout wasteland surrounding it, and the secrets? They’re thicker than blood.


INSPO* | All I can think of is maybe a cowboy silhouette where he is on horseback against a colorful sunset, if you could think of anything as well for it, go ahead, I just want a silhouette since I never do face-claims because I can never think of who could possibly be a face-claim for my characters

FONT* | text



Should be done by tomorrow, so I’ll post it once you’ve completed the payment <3


Hi! I hope this is the vibe you were going for, as I mentioned I’m pretty new to manip, so if you need changes just ask :wink: Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget to give credit in the blurb <3


Does the book have to be published yet?


no, if you want the cover before publishing I don’t mind at all <3


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thanks dean winchester is life lol


MINIMAL SIMPLE MANIP (It can be a simple manip. Or not a manip at all.

TITLE | The Red Ribbon

SUBTITLE* | “My way or the highway.”

AUTHOR | RavensOfOld

SHORT SUMMMARY | Basically, it takes place in a private high school, where a secret organization that’s been in existence for decades finally come out of their shell and cross a dangerous line they’ve never crossed before. The red ribbon is their symbol.

MOOD/COLOURS | Black and red. Dark mood.


INSPO* | Maybe a long red ribbon twirling in the center of the cover with a dark/black background. Dark mood, maybe the border of the red ribbon is glowing slightly or at least stands out. Feel free to expand on whatever you think works.

FONT* | No preference. But maybe any font color that would pop out, since the background should be dark/black.

ANYTHING ELSE* | I’ll do your payment later, since I’m at school right now. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you! :blush:


Should be done in 1-2 days, so I’ll post it once the payment is completed <3