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Completed the payment! Thank you for your time and loved the poem :slight_smile:


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TITLE | Dangerous Times

SUBTITLE* | none

AUTHOR | Nina Amari

SHORT SUMMMARY | When Shaw Stones overhears a conversation not meant for her ears, she decides to use the information to her advantage. Apparently, juggling school bake sales and college applications aren’t enough for the cheerleading captain. Shaw slowly starts to realize that she’s taking on a lot more than she can bargain for, especially when it comes to Axel Taverns. He’s got more skeletons in his closet than the Winchester Brothers and Shaw absolutely needs to find out more, even if puts her in danger.

MOOD/COLOURS | I was thinking black and white for colors.


INSPO* | My story is about an interracial couple in high school (black girl, white guy) so I was thinking it would be great if they were on the cover holding hands or laughing. my second idea was to just have a guy smoking a cigarette. He’d be wearing a denim jacket and he has brown hair. I hope this helps!

FONT* | maybe a bolded font.

ANYTHING ELSE* | thank you and I’ll definitely be sure to complete the payment soon


Should be done in 1-2 days <3


thank you so much! I already completed the payment! Your poems are so well written and descriptive!


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Hi, I struggled a bit, so I played around with ideas and added a few of my own, hope they do your book justice <3 Ask me if you need any changes. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget to add credit in the blurb :slight_smile:



TITLE | Alpha Theory

SUBTITLE* | The Fall

AUTHOR | Cross Kaiser

SHORT SUMMARY | The story follows the main characters, Logan and Nennabethe, as their lives crumble and fall into chaos with them. They will face many challenges, including the mysterious Masked Man, who insists on further destroying their happiness.


IDEAS/IMAGES | Based on the Tarot Major Arcana card of The Tower.

INSPO* | The most chaotic artistic effects I can think of are, negative and seeing doubles. I like those, but you might think of better.

FONT* | Something befitting Arcana.

ANYTHING ELSE* | This is Dark Fantasy/Paranormal if that helps.


Sorry I don’t think I can make this for you, but I hope you find the right cover artist for it <3 sorry again.


I hope you like it, it took me longer than expected plus my website keeps crashing, so I only made one. If you’d like me make changes or make another one just ask. Don’t forget to tell me if you’ll be using it, and give credit in the blurb <3


@all I have to go now, so everyone elses will be started tomorrow <3 good night


Can you possibly make Tomorrow all together? And the subtitle to be higher and a bit smaller? If you can, put woman up with One 21st Century? If it looks to crowded, feel free to space the lines out, other than that I love it, if you can’t make the changes, I will still gladly use it!


sure the website isn’t working at the moment so I’ll start on your changes tomorrow <3




Payment has been completed! I hope that’s enough, unless you want more comments.


Ugh I love love love it! Thank you so much! And I definitely won’t forget adding credit <3 I think I’ll be using the right most one