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So glad you like them!!! and thank you <3


TITLE | How to survive high school

SUBTITLE* | none

AUTHOR | QualityBullshit

SHORT SUMMMARY | Nadia Thorpe just wants to survive her last year of highschool but when an ex, the queen b, and a mysteriously hot guy get in the way it seems impossible.

MOOD/COLOURS | Black, white, pink. The book is teen fiction and humor so something quirky



FONT* | Something simple



Should be done in 1-2 days, so I’ll post it once you’ve completed the payment <3


I went for the vampire element of your idea lol, so I hope you like them <3


Hope these are what you had in mind <3


Have you started my changes yet? Or are you getting other requests done first?


I pmed you, but I’ve already done them they’re in the original post <3 #54


oh, sorry, my notifications have been wacky


no problem :slight_smile:


Hope these are what you had in mind, I played around with the font a bit, but hopefully you like them. Tell me if you need any changes and don’t forget to give credit in the blurb <3


Hi! I hope these are what you had in mind, if you need any changes don’t hesitate to ask. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget to give credit in the blurb <3


Thank you so much! I can’t decide if I like the first one better or the second one. Could I use both?


yes of course <3


They’re all so nice, I just want to use them all. :joy: I’ll transition and switch them around every now and then if that’s alright with you. Credit will definitely be given in the blurb once it is published! Thank you again!


Awe thanks, and I’m glad I could help, no problemo :blush:


Thank you so much I will be using one when it is posted, it should be posted soon And you will receive credit!


thank you, I’m glad you like them <3



TITLE | Fragments of Power

SUBTITLE* | Vintus

AUTHOR | Medula-Oblongata

SHORT SUMMMARY | I found myself writing this journal to log what happens in my quest to find my missing father, but it seems like this will be much bigger than I thought. Four others and I are now on a journey to fight cultists and discover the meaning behind the mysterious marks that appeared on our hands. I can only hope it goes well.

MOOD/COLOURS | red mostly, a mood that invokes a sense of power

IDEAS/IMAGES | Red fire surrounding a magic dagger, lots of fire though

INSPO* | not sure

FONT* | preferably not cursive

ANYTHING ELSE* | The title will appear on WP as ‘Fragments of Power: Vintus’, so could you put the subtitle under the title?


I’ll see what I can do, should be done in 1-2 days, so I’ll post it once you’ve completed the payment <3


Awesome, I will let you know when I complete the payment =)