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AWWWWEE, I love her! My cat’s called Trixie I love her dearly but she is the literal devil.


Mine is Daymondra (Day-moan-dra)

I put her pronunciation because if not most people ask me anyway how you say it, she was named after a character of mine, haven’t continued the story since I got her…oops…

I hid it since I started rambling

she also has a thing where if you give her a tap on the nose or butt if she does something really bad, she hits you back much harder than you would ever her, she is also clumsy and once if I hadn’t been in here in my room she might have hurt herself or worse when she got tangled in the strings for my blinds, now she sits on the windowsill and will look me in the eyes as she slowly approaches it with her mouth and I tell her no and she moves closer, sometimes even bite it



Lol adorableeeee!:heart_eyes:


Thanks so much! They look good! I commented on your story btw =)


awe I’m so glad you like them, thank you sooo much <3


hey, quick question…do you think you could maybe make a cover for a zombie apocalypse story that also has dinosaurs in it? (Dinosaurs are not zombies and can’t be turned into zombies, that is a nightmare the characters are spared…for now)


I can definitely give it a try <3





TITLE | sixteen

SUBTITLE* | none

AUTHOR | DecorisWords

SHORT SUMMMARY | Isla’s entering her third year of high school. What she assumed to be a fairly average year, turned into the biggest disaster of her life.

MOOD/COLOURS | Something simple, maybe just black and white colour scheme

IDEAS/IMAGES | A plain background, with some smoke (grey or a neutral colour) then the title in the smoke or something like that?

FONT* | Just a simple one, any that you think will fit but nothing cursive or crazy


I should be done by tomorrow, so I’ll post it once you have written a comment on my book “the darkness of strangers” thanks <3



TITLE | The Casterly Chronicles

SUBTITLE* | A darkness is coming…

AUTHOR | PellinorLover2314 & peekafish (can you make a version with both of our names in the front?)

SHORT SUMMMARY | The world of Casterly is in danger, the gods and goddesses select individuals from each race (except one because she is a b****) that have the skills and talents needed to save it. It takes a Prince, a girl who knows too much, a collection of different criminals, a man who wields forbidden magic and an elf hating human…did I mention most of them are elves? When they run into each other, guided by their respective god or goddess, they must all get over their differences…or allow Casterly to be consumed by the fabled, forgotten world-eater.

MOOD/COLOURS | Maybe something to do with light and dark, or blood

IDEAS/IMAGES | I was thinking having light bleed through darkness (I can’t really explain it) or maybe blood spreading through water but I want the background to be darker, then I got an idea of a silver crown of thorns with blood on it




FONT* | not sure

ANYTHING ELSE* | I checked manip and minimal, I am not sure which would work better for this request, I do want it to have a dark background, if you get any ideas, feel free to go off of them, me and my co-writer have no clue what we really ant for a cover :woman_shrugging:


I might have a few questions but it should be done in 1-2 days, and I’ll post it after payment is completed - one honest comment of “the darkness of strangers” <3




go ahead, ask away, I will go do that now!


WOOOHOOO driver’s license?




I really hope you like them, sorry about the blood, I just couldn’t get it to work so I left it out. If you need any changes just ask. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit <3


Alright, I mainly wanted the ood bevause a thing thay kicks off the storyline and shows the real danger of what is coming the murder of one of the characters, the blood on the crown of thorns represents that, and the Velves have a lot to do with blood


ok I’ll try again with the blood <3 one sec