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ok i added it to the one’s above, is that better?


yeah, I just don’t like how it can be seen over the text and is see through, thanks anyway though, I added them to our Google Doc so they can see them and sent a message to them, if they get any ideas I may request for them but who knows, we may agree on one of the three


ok again happy to help <3


Hi, I’m used to doing more cutsie minimal covers, but I hope you like them but if you need changes or a redo that’s no trouble <3 Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit :slight_smile:





TITLE | Angels

SUBTITLE* | Love is not simple. It can never be.

AUTHOR | bon_kiss

SHORT SUMMMARY | A collection of short scenarios that everyone can relate to in regards to love in all forms and the pains and joys that follows it.

MOOD/COLOURS | Warm tones think of the that weird gap between summer and fall / romeo and juliet (1996)

IDEAS/IMAGES | These are all ideas will link them in a DM

INSPO* | none

FONT* | none

ANYTHING ELSE* | thanks x


Should be done by the end of today <3


Thank you x



TITLE | Alive

SUBTITLE* | Just because they aren’t flesh and blood doesn’t mean they aren’t alive

AUTHOR | Angel Durham

SHORT SUMMMARY | Has to do with AI’s, I have three MC’s, two are Androids, one is (secretly and unknowingly) a Cyborg. There is a revolution, led by the one Android, the other one has a secret passion for music, her owner discovers it and helps her with it, the Cyborg is on the run, hates Androids but runs into the revolution, and into my one other MC, he gains her trust and they end up both leading the revolution, he slowly changes her view of Androids

MOOD/COLOURS | Blacks, dark blues and very light blues and whites

IDEAS/IMAGES | My Androids are like literally just like real people, except a small, blinking LED on the side of their heads, also, before they break free of their program, to make them even more recognizable, their eyes are very bright, very unnatural colors








FONT* | text

ANYTHING ELSE* | In the edited version of the hand with the blue blood, that is like the color of the blood of the Androids, also another way to mark them as different from real people, I gave the same references to the person who created the bottom two, I was hoping to have something other than the hand as it was meant to be inspiration, and the other two, the colors are wrong but their computer crashed and they can no longer make edits and won’t redo it…so, hopefully you can do something, you haven’t let me down yet! (Even if you did, I would be happy you gave it a try or even considered it for a moment)


It looks no better on my phone…and I can’t go buy it right now or go to the library to try to find it! I am mentally bashing my head against a wall :weary: I need the physical copy or I will not be able to read it well, I just don’t…can’t read on my phone or computer, I don’t know why, it just…gah! I can’t explain



TITLE | Nadie se salva

SUBTITLE* | . Nunca puedes decir hoy no me tocará a mí

AUTHOR | Ona Lovegood

SHORT SUMMMARY | It is a fantasy fiction, it deals with how death has sent the dragons to destroy a whole town of beings of the earth (fairies, nymphs …). The moral is that you always have to enjoy, because no one is saved from death.

MOOD/COLOURS | Dark colors (blues or reds).

IDEAS/IMAGES | My idea is a simple cover with a dragon in the middle.

INSPO* | Me gustan tus portadas simples, así que como creas que sea mejor.

FONT* | I don’t know.



Should be done in 1-2 days <3



This is roughly Madelyn’s hairstyle, but it’s black and looks neater


This is like how the white part is, but only on the bangs


Should be done in 1-2 days <3


Hope you like them, tell me if you need any changes <3 and don’ t forget credit in the blurb


So I did struggle quite a bit, just cuz I find manip quite difficult, and with the pixie cut, I literally could not make her hair that way, also there were no photos I found of black coloured cuts that suited your description of her so unfortunately she’s blonde. Sorry. But I threw in a few other options incase that couldn’t work for you. Anyway I really hope one of these works for you, sorry if they’re not what you are looking for but I hope you like them <3


I like the third cover, is it just me or does the image look a bit blurred? It does when I pull it to a new tab, that is why I ask


I think that’s just how it is, cuz she looks slightly blurred, but the water at the front is normal on my tab. I wouldn’t be able to change her tho I’m afraid :sweat_smile:


that’s fine, I really like it though, it gives me that revolutions vibe with her standing there like that, also reminds me of all the tech involved, clear in the front, blurred in the background, it’s hard to explain


Awe thanks I’m really glad you like it! I was nervous for these ones haha <3