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Thank you so much they are beautiful. I think i will be using the second one. Thank you so much x


yayyyyy so glad you like them <3 you’re welcome and merry christmas :christmas_tree:



TITLE | Rise

SUBTITLE* | Callaghan Book 6

AUTHOR | Dredge

SHORT SUMMMARY | it’s time for the next generation of Callaghan’s to find love and move out of home.

MOOD/COLOURS | romantic

IDEAS/IMAGES | I was thinking a couple standing close to each other this With a red background with vines all around it and red roses similar to this image like this

or a couple (pic above) and in the background a ballroom with a chandelier. Or use this pic for the first idea if you want.

INSPO* | image

FONT* | this

ANYTHING ELSE* no, thank you.


Should be done in 1-2 days, I’ll post it once you’ve commented on my book “the darkness of strangers”


So sorry for the delay, christmas time just gets super busy, anyway this is what I came up with. I struggled a bit with finding a good picture but hopefully this is what you had in mind <3 don’t forget credit in the blurb and tell me if you’ll be using.



TITLE | I Choose You

SUBTITLE* | none

AUTHOR | Katy C.

SHORT SUMMMARY | Emery Hall has been in love with Evan Andrews since the moment she laid eyes on him that fateful day in the fifth grade. Her whole life has been spent pining after him and trying to make him fall in love with her. But when she’s not pining after Evan she’s studying or helping peer tutor other students.
Aiden Parker, the school’s heartthrob star basketball player and school prankster is renowned for his charm and swoon worthy smiles. His spare time is usually spent pulling pranks on his classmates and teachers or using his god-given charm on every girl in the vicinity. You’d expect for him to be on top of the world, with all the girls pouring into his life, but no one knows how he truly feels.
After the two are forced together in an impromptu tutor session and they begin to spend more and more time together there’s no denying the electrifying connection between them. Emery begins to fall ever more deeply for Aiden with each passing second.
So when she’s faced with the impossible decision of having to choose between the one boy she’s loved all her life, and the boy who’s made her feel more alive then she’s ever felt …
Who will she choose?

MOOD/COLOURS | any color scheme is acceptable as long as it’s not too dark. The mood is innocent and sweet

IDEAS/IMAGES | so, this book is kind of a love triangle, but sort of not at the same time. The main character, Emery, is very sweet and innocent, so maybe that will help in trying to convey the mood of the cover? I don’t want it to be anything with her stuck between two boys, but maybe her just looking conflicted standing in front of one boy with dark hair. If you have any other ideas (or better ones haha) those are absolutely welcome!

INSPO* | the current cover that I have on the book isn’t bad, but I would like for the new one to be different. I guess what I’m trying to say is I just want something new and different. Here’s the current cover.

FONT* | anything is fine :blush:

ANYTHING ELSE* | any of your ideas are welcome as well you don’t have to follow my ideas exactly :slight_smile:


Should be done in 1-2 days, I’ll post the cover once you’ve commented on my book “the darkness of strangers” <3


payment completed! thank you so much for accepting!


Thanks for accepting. Payment completed.



TITLE | How to Survive Becoming a Werewolf

SUBTITLE* | A Step-By-Step Guide

AUTHOR | Cordelia

SHORT SUMMMARY | Jamie Smalls broke one rule that changed her life forever.

After sneaking over the border to celebrate her 18th birthday on the supernatural side of town, she is attacked by a violent werewolf. Abandoned by her friends and forced to stay behind in an unfamiliar environment, Jamie struggles to survive.

MOOD/COLOURS | I was thinking the background could look something like a diary or notebook cover (White or pastel/pale background).

IDEAS/IMAGES | Main fc is Kat Graham, here is my preferred pic:

FONT* | The words could be in cursive red font with maybe blood drops on the page.

ANYTHING ELSE* | All my ideas are suggestions. If something isn’t working, you can change it, of course. Also, if it gets too clunky, you can cut out the subtitle.


Should be done in 2-3 days, I’ll post it once you’ve commented on “the darkness of strangers” <3


Title: Rivers

Author: Habiba El-Sadany

Short summary: Alice (protagonist, played by Naomi Watts in case you need this info) is heartbroken after her teenage son, Rivers (played by Froy Gutierrez), dies in a car accident while her husband and Rivers’s best friend, who were also in the car, are slightly injured. She goes through her dead son’s phone and finds disturbing text messages exchanged between him and his best friend who was in the car accident, revealing to her they’re criminals. She starts investigating on her own to find out about her son’s crimes.

Mood/colours: dark, extremely sad and gloomy, mysterious.

Ideas/images: I’m really sorry but I don’t have any and I don’t know whether I want the cover to be simple, minimal or a manip. I know it might be hard, but I really hope you’d accept my request since I’m really amazed by your covers. You can take a look at covers in the mystery/thriller category; I like them very much


Anything else: please write my name and the title in a very big, obvious and easy to read font :slight_smile: and please write my name without a “a novel or by” or so :slight_smile:

Thank you so much in advance, and I apologize again for not having any ideas :slight_smile:



TITLE | the score keeper’s club

SUBTITLE* | charlie’s story

AUTHOR | elle watson

SHORT SUMMMARY | a spin-off prequel to my story “instant princess.” it tells the story of charlie before nora comes fully into his life. charlie isn’t only the prince, but head playboy of trump academy. to keep his senior year exciting, charlie decides to start “the scorekeeper’s club,” a secret underground club including one person from each clique. the goal of the club is to finish a list of sexual conquests firsts, without telling anyone or sleeping with anyone else in the club.

MOOD/COLOURS | dark, eerie, blacks and greys

IDEAS/IMAGES | i just want it like dark and sexy. charlie has had a really dark past before nora and the first two books take place.

INSPO* | think “Cruel Intentions” vibes

FONT* | n/a

ANYTHING ELSE* | thank yooooou


Should be done in 2-3 days, I’ll post it once you’ve commented on “the darkness of strangers” <3


Should be done in 3 days, I’ll post it once you’ve commented on “the darkness of strangers” <3


So sorry for how long this took, but I really hope you like it. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit in the blurb. Happy almost new year! <3


I really wasn’t doing your idea any justice, so I made a few different ones. Hope you like them, tell me if you’ll be using, don’t forget credit <3


Wow, thank you so much for working so hard on these, but I don’t think I will be using them. I truly appreciate your work. The covers are awesome, they just weren’t quite what I was looking for. But thank you so much again!


no problem, and also happy almost new year <3


happy new year to you too!!