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Hope these are what you had in mind <3


Tysm. I will be using it.

  • Minimal, simple or manip- which ever you think is best.

TITLE: Flawless Pain


AUTHOR: Charlize Gilkison

SHORT CHARACTER SUMMARY: The main girl is an introvert, a book worm, I picture her as the colour yellow, happiness, calm but also bold when it comes to her beliefs and the ones she loves.
The main guy, the one she falls for, is the typical bad boy gang leader with tattoos and dresses in all black, I picture him as a guy who is a bad boy but is a good man, I see him as the colour black, protective, angry but loving, poetry.

MOOD/COLOURS: Black, white and yellow. Dark mood with a hint of light (aka yellow)

FONT: Whatever you think is best

NOTE: I have left an honest opinion on Chapter 2 of “The Darkness of Strangers” just in case you are interested in my cover idea. I am happy with whatever additions you think would suit the cover. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!

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Should be done in 2-3 days <3


As always sorry for the wait and happy new year, I really hope this is what you had in mind <3 Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget the credit :slight_smile:


Thank you! x



TITLE | Trails of Blood

SUBTITLE* | Evil is A Point of View

AUTHOR | DiceFab

SHORT SUMMMARY | Alisa Basak is journalist for newspaper company in New York City she’s known for her infamous investigations that lurks in the most dangerous corners of the city, but as she looks into a series of murders the victims have bite marks and are drained from every ounce of blood, she knowns something deeper is going on.

MOOD/COLOURS | It has sort of mysteriousness to it the mood is sort of dangerous and seductive at the same time, the colors are kind of a mixture between darkness and some light colors.

IDEAS/IMAGES | Here’s 3 ideas: 1-A man is holding a woman close to her while he has vampire like teeth with or without blood stains on his teeth or the the woman’s neck, 2-A woman is following someone she’s looking over her shoulders while walking, 3-A vampire woman biting into a man she appears murderous or scared at what she has done.

INSPO* | Interview With The Vampire and Blade vibes

FONT* | Cursive

ANYTHING ELSE* | If you have any other ideas I’ll be fine with them.


Should be done in 2-3 days, I’ll post it once you’ve commented on “the darkness of strangers” <3



TITLE | Accidentally Bound

SUBTITLE* | What would you do if you have the chance to be resurrected? (Doesn’t have to be in the cover if you think it doesn’t suit haha)


SHORT SUMMMARY | A story about a boy who got resurrected back to ten years earlier after he had committed suicide over his lover’s death.While his initial wish was to follow after his lover and change his life for the better, he ended up meeting various people from different walks of life who he never thought he would associate himself with, and that included another guy who changed his perspective about life.

MOOD/COLOURS | Dark, any colours you think that might fit the mood.

IDEAS/IMAGES | My main characters are of Chinese background, so it’d be best if the face-claim is of a Chinese guy, but if cannot find then Korean/Japanese is fine too. The faces I have in mind now are: Yang Yang, Ma Tian Yu, Hu Yi Tian, Zhu Yi Long etc [not meant to be exhaustive, you can choose (in or outside the list) whoever that you think is fit ^^]

INSPO* | Something similar to your cover of ‘It began with Julie’ or ‘Obsessed’, it’s really, really nice!

FONT* | Preferably non-curvy/non-brushy haha.

ANYTHING ELSE* | If you have any other ideas outside of those that I’ve provided, it’s fine by me too. Regardless of it being accepted or not, I’d really like to thank you so much for offering this service!


Should be done in 2-3 days. I’ll post it once you’ve commented on “the darkness of strangers” <3


Hi! I hope one of these is what you had in mind, just ask if you need any changes. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit <3


Payment done! I quite like the first chapter, great job! (Ignore all my typos there ;-; )


Hello! They all look great, thank you! My favorite one is the second, the one with the hand. But can you maybe write my name in a bigger font on top of the cover? Other than that, it looks great, thank you!


Sure thing <3 I’ll just pm it to you.


MINIMAL SIMPLE MANIP (Note: Unsure which works best for this one)

TITLE | Innocence


AUTHOR | Angel Durham

SHORT SUMMMARY | Innocence, because Selene is anything but that.

Selene is the vampire everyone respects and fears, everybody can fall to her seducting fangs and body. Nobody questions her either, it’s her past they should fear though and the demons that she has embraced. When war starts between the covens that perks the interest of the vampires eternal enemy, the werewolves, Selene and her secret past are the only thing that can save them all from ruin.

As Selene begins to change some of the covens try to take her in and raise her up into the dark creature she is known for but is it too late for Selene to become the thing she has a reputation for? Or has she changed too much to ever go back as the vampires tear themselves apart and the werewolves tear those remaining apart? Is she willing to stand up and save both races or is she too late?

MOOD/COLOURS | Mood is darkness, beauty, I dunno, just when I think of Selene I think of darkness (as in bad, not in coloration) and also beauty, the summary I provided is outdated and about to get revised

IDEAS/IMAGES | A vampire, or a bloody sword, either is fine with me. Or what you can imagine for a vampire. Selene is also secret vampire royalty.

INSPO* | My current cover image:

FONT* | text



I finished the payment :slight_smile: interesting book by the way I might continue reading it.


Should be done by the end of the week <3


Hiya, I know these aren’t your exact ideas but hopefully you like them. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit <3


Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but hopefully you like them. Tell me if you’ll be using and don’t forget credit <3