Thoughts about freelancing?

Yeah, that’s with all small businesses :joy:

Here’s a link you might find useful:

Kristine Kathryn Rusch wrote ‘The Freelance Writer’s Survival Guide’

She has a LOT of useful information on her website and a great deal of it is free.

So what I’m going to do is write a guide for freelancers and I’m going to post it, section by section, on my website. The comments will remain open for questions and topic suggestions. Please forward this link to anyone you know who has lost a job or plans to start their own small business. This project will not apply just to writers and artists. I’m going to keep it as general as possible and have it apply to people who want to (or have to) work for themselves.

Admittedly, in some circles, KKR is a controversial person. However, I find her blog posts invaluable, because she writes in many genre, including Romance.


I think she knows her stuff. Very knowledgeable about the business. My biggest problem with her (and Dean) is despite knowing what they do, they’re still not earning at a level that the should. Is it because they aren’t practicing what they are preaching? I don’t know. In general, I think it’s best to take advice with people who have “made it” and they both seem to still be at the low end of mid-list, which is baffling.

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Here’s the problem, though. In writing you STILL rely on finding a paying audience. You can do everything right and just not find that tribe.


Amazon is only one media outlet for them, so we can’t judge them by Amazon rankings alone. Also they both have more pen names than are public. After decades of writing the Star Wars and Star Trek books, who knows what else they have out there?

Or maybe they aren’t that into money?

KKR was very sick for the last two years, her allergies nearly killed her. Now that she’s in Vegas and getting stronger, who knows what she’ll do next?

So they might look like mid-list authors. But they have many other sources of income, media deals, audio is a big slice of their income, too.

Also have you seen this article The Mid-List Rules ? If she’s got a number e-books that math would be WAY in her favor.

I’m a rabid FanGrrl of her Business Rusch, and I’ve read a few of her stories, though not as many as her non-fiction.

I think a lot of the new writers on WattPad should read her blog and get a feel for how the ever-changing world of publishing works today. The one where DIY is more than 25% of ALL e-books sold and the writer makes 70% of the cover price of their e-books.

We can all learn a lot from KKR and DWS!

LOL - ain’t it so?

Money isn’t everything - I’ll take their 20 or 30 years of success in our industry over that of say…the guy who wrote ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’.

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I hear what you are saying but KKR and DW seem to know a lot about how you build an audience so they should have better sales than they do. Now it could just be that they don’t write the kind of books that create “rabid fans.” Which might be part of the problem.


Kris has remarked a couple times that all together she’s making ‘a small fortune’ off her books.

Now that she’s living in Vegas, she’s got a bigger to-do list than ever.

Jesus. I’m a veterinarian with seven years’ worth of student loans and a medical degree and I make $50 an hour…

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I hadn’t thought about the pen names. That could be part of it. And yeah, as I said I think she really knows the businesses.

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All Creatures Great and Small made a lot of money for an English Vet. A few short stories posted to KDP every couple of months might help, given enough time.

Well, but…if you’re writing what you want to write, and you’re comfortable earning what you are…Who wants to be a millionaire?

Do you have to be?

Personally, I’d just like to earn enough to quit my day job before I’m 70. I haven’t known a single veterinarian over that age who should still have been practicing.


I have received several six-figure, more than one million in royalties, and one seven-figure advance, so yes I’ve made several million on my writing. But “making money” isn’t what motivates my writing. I write the books I want to read. If others like them as well, that’s great. But money isn’t the goal, it’s a byproduct.


I wish my writing would support my horse habit…LOL

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Snort. No kidding.

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I write to support my horse habit! Back in 2014 I had a series sold to Audible and I blew every last cent of that lump sum buying a lovely dressage horse :joy:


LOL - I gave up drinking, drugs, smoking and sleezy men and all I got was a horse that bucked. LOL

Sometimes I wonder if I’d blow my fortune on another horse - if I ever got a book deal. I’ve always wanted a Lipizzaner.

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Well…nice, but I’m fifty years old and STILL $50,000 in debt from student loans, almost $40,000 in debt from hospital bills, and I have no savings.

Doing what you love is fine, but if I don’t want to eat out of garbage cans at 80, I NEED to make some money some kind of way.

I’m sure not paying these debts off working…

And, yeah, I ain’t going to pay them off writing, either. Oh, well. Cardboard box, here I come!!!

Publishing is probably one of the WORST ways to earn cash. So few actually make anything from it. So, if money is a factor, I’d say spend your time elsewhere.


Except…I can’t.

I gotta write.

sigh I’m DOOMED.