Thoughts on character art


I’ve been reformatting my story The Moon Distant. I have a bunch of character art from the Multimedia design club (thank youu, it’s simply amazing!!)

I don’t mind any of the options, but I’d like to know where others/readers prefer the character art when reading a book. Or do you just not like character art for any reason?

  • All in one chapter; end of book
  • All in one chapter; start of book
  • At the end of chapters (as the characters appear)
  • Other (explain below)

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Doesn’t have to be all in one chapter, but I prefer it at the end of the book. This way the readers can just picture the character the way they want to picture them based on your descriptions instead of being given a picture as the character is introduced. Once the book is done they can go through those pictures (if they choose to) and see how their vision matched up.


Thank you! Lets see what others think, lol
I understand your point :calmwolf: