Thoughts on Inkitt?

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I was written to be part of the Inkitt rewards program, but I don’t know much about it. I have seen other authors do it before for money, but I don’t know how it works and if its worth pursuing.

Do you guys have any experience with this/rewards program in general?

I can’t tell you how the rewards program works, but I can tell you about my experience with Inkitt.

I hated it. I can’t express that enough. First off, writing on Inkitt is a nightmare. It’s a separate writing app from the reading app and it’s so glitchy. Chapters won’t always save, the order randomly changes, bold/italics/etc. never stick, etc. Their support is nice enough, but the issues are never solved.

In the actual app, there is very little social interaction. You can’t comment on paragraphs like you can here, you can comment on full chapters but most people don’t, and you can write on walls but in my experience, most people don’t. There is no PM system.

The layout and look of it is boring. Their selection is small so it’s easy to get noticed, but the app as a whole is pretty small so how fast you get readers will basically even out with Wattpad.

I’ve also heard really sketchy things about their program but I can’t speak to that. I’ve heard they get the rights for the story and they can publish your story and weird stuff like that, but again, I don’t know all of that for sure. Just what I’ve heard.

One of my friends here is a pretty popular writer and he asked me about it as well, I told him everything I knew and heard about it. He decided against it.


It’s interesting you speak of them being glitchy. I guess running a writing website is harder than most people assume. :slight_smile:

I’ve never experienced a writing website being that bad before. What’s the point of typing up an entire chapter just to lose it every time due to their glitches that they won’t fix? :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I’m on Inkitt and they keep on telling me to fill out this pubkishing form of theirs, that requires your phone number. Yeah, no thanks.

But, I mainly use Inkitt to post chapters and stuff. I know a couple of Wattpad users use it to release a chapter ahead of their current Wattpad story.

Inkitt does show how many pages the book is at the top, which is cool.

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I dont think the actual site is too bad… but their publishing contracts are… questionable from what I’ve seen.


Inkitt has been discussed on this site before and the consensus was unfavourable. It is also discussed in depth here:


I have been on Inkitt for a while and can only confirm what @LailaLiliana said. Near zero user interaction, and the whole place seems quite dead to me. I did not have any problems though with uploading/publishing my chapters. Actually the uploading process via desktop works quite smoothly. I copy and paste my chapters from my computer and have never experienced a problem.
Overall I still wouldn’t recommend the site, because of its lacking social aspect. I have my fanfic posted there, but almost no one reads it.

Just a quick comparison of reads between Inkitt and Fanfiction.Net on my story. The discrepancy is just really very obvious.

Inkitt (since October 2017): 1.133 total reads
FF (since March 2018 ): 64.801 total reads

I don’t know anything about their publishing contracts. I have taken down my original work from Inkitt, because even less people were reading it than my fanfic. It was really depressing, lol

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Yeah. Not a lot in terms of interaction. They also do reviews and such on stories via star rating and category.

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Yeah, I got exactly one (!) review of my story, at least it was a five star one, but still it feels like very few people are actually using that platform.

The probability of someone reading your work on Inkitt is lesser than the probability of getting a high five from your boss.


I don’t even know how to see how many reads I have on Inkitt :joy: I don’t have some reviews though!


There’s a drop down menu which you can access on your profile page that’s called Analytics, but my reads are so meagre that I have basically stopped checking. I think I have like 2 or 3 readers in total on Inkitt, LOL

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Thank you this is super informative!

My worries is the fact if I post there, do they own my story essentially?

I also heard the program is either a hit or miss (depending on who you ask), so I am not sure what are the risks to doing this

Thank you! I will take a look at that!

Here’s one of the questions I found on Inkitt regarding publishing and such (there’s more similar ones down below)

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I don’t have any experience with Inkitt, but I’m not impressed with their contract (which can be found online her. It is (a) very “rights grabby” and (b) provides little in the way of competitive income to the author. It’s basically what I would classify as a “low-hanging fruit” contract which means it’s exceptionally NON-author-centric because they are expecting authors that are rather (a) desperate and (b) stary-eyed to sign.