Thoughts on summary?

Hello everyone making my first bhna fanfic for a oc that I made . But I don’t know about the blurb /summary. Can someone tell me their thoughts and how I can improve it​:sweat_smile: it honestly feels like something is missing :sweat_smile:

Not every is born with the best opportunities before them. Sometimes people are born with nothing - like Miyako. Not knowing anything , but the fact that they’ve been abandoned by everyone. This is a story of a child whose been looked at like a curse all their life. This is the story one of The who is always forgotten.

A word is missing at the beginning, so that might be what you’re wondering about. There’s a punctuation floating around and it doesn’t really tell me about the character or anything about the story. ‘One of The who is always forgotten’. I’m not sure what this means or why ‘The’s is capitalized.

Also not a big fan of, ‘this story is about’. I like for the writer to be invisible throughout, but that’s just me.

I’d need to feel more invested in order to ‘click’ read, and this doesn’t give me anything to really get invested in.

All I know from this blurb is it has a main character who grew up with nothing. I’d want to know about who they are now and what brings them to the main plot of the book.

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First thank you for your help. I honestly appreciate it. Really I do, I was just staring at this, like I know the idea is good. but it’s just lacking something. Do you mind going through the summary and telling me what I could add ?

Honestly I pretty sure the is capitalized due to autofill. So that’s a quick fix . But the rest you’re saying I think I’m getting it, but at the same time I don’t. Or just real time guide me to fix it? Cause I’m currently confused.

First Paragraph: Who is your character? What was their life like growing up and what is their life like now at the start of the book? Show reader’s who your character is and give us something to care about.

Second Paragraph: How does their life change with the big event of the book? What are the obstacles they’ll have to face? What are the risks? Show a slice of the plot, but don’t give it all away.

End with something that’ll hook the reader and convince them to click ‘read’.

Currently I only know one thing about the character and I want to know more. I want to empathize with them and relate to something and I want an idea of the challenges they’ll face.

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First, I’m ready not good with taking in too much info at once So I’m going to go one by one and respond :sweat_smile:

Go for it. I get info overload pretty easy as well. I give a lot of info, but I can’t take it in from others.

Okay this is basically what I’m writing about. how they grew up, what happened to them, where they are currently and beyond.

Example Blurb (Sorry, I don’t know the fanfic, so I have to make up something random):

Some are born with every opportunity handed to them, some born with enough to get by, while others have nothing when they come into this world. Miyako comes from nothing and knows nothing of the past that left him alone in the streets, finding scraps in dumpsters and with an alleyway as his home address. His life holds no meaning, not even to himself. He’s been forgotten by the world around him.

When a chance opportunity dangles a real life in front of him, Miyako is leery. Good things don’t happen to children like him. But with nothing left to lose, he accepts and is thrown into a world even darker than the one he lived in before. Miyako has lived in darkness his whole life and knows if there’s any chance of finding the light, he’ll do whatever it takes to find it.

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What’s your inciting incident in the book? What’s the big change for your character’s life?

You’ll have to give readers a taste of that in the blurb.

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Okay you’re really throwing a lot at me and I’m panicking and being more lost and confused. Can you like slow it down ?:sweat:

That’s honestly all I got.

Sometimes an example blurb gives you a better visual into what you want to do with the one you have.

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There was an example blurb? :sob:

Post #8

Just shows you the basic format for a blurb.

I can’t look back without getting overwhelmed :fearful:

Then don’t look back right now.

There’s no rush with anything here and nothing is written in stone. That’s the best part about writing here. We can change what we want when we want.

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If you keep replying, I’m going to keep replying to you and you’ll get even more overwhelmed.

for real I’m really really lost right and your not really helping. I’m someone who’s more better at taking things in slowly versus having everything thrown at me. Or else I’ll get frustrated rather actually improving :pleading_face:which I really want to that’s why I’m asking here.

Like I said before, take your time and read through this all at your own pace.

Look I went up and read it or tried and I’m still honestly more confused than before.:sweat: