Thoughts on Wattys? Ideas?



As the title says.

I’ve been here for at least five years and gone through a few wattys. What are your thoughts on the wattys and how do you think they could improve? Do you think the wattys are fine just as they are?

Let’s discuss. I’d like to know everyone thoughts and ideas for how they’d like the wattys to be next year.

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I have many suggestions, but I personally think that they should stop doing “Talk Of The Town” category. I know it has stopped but that award is pretty much the “most popular story” winning award.


Ahhh, totally agree haha. I definitely think the wattys can improve and I hope it does. They’re getting better at helping small authors, but its definitely not perfect.

  1. Stick to the criteria set. Too many books on the short and long lists did not meet the established criteria.
  2. Keep improving on helping undiscovered writers and promoting them.
  3. Have more Fanfiction winners. (actually, they should just divide the categories by genre).

  1. Only completed or near completed books should be able to enter and win a Watty. There are too many Watty winners that are on hiatus or remain incomplete.


THIS. Your comment is totally on point. I can’t disagree with any of your ideas.


OMG YES! The Wattys this year made me really angry.

Like, I get that they were trying to promote more “undiscovered” stories, but there are a lot of “undiscovered” stories that would’ve met the criteria given. A bunch of books I found were a bit… Bad, in my opinion. I don’t want to be mean or anything, but it was my first Wattys and - due to the amount of books on here - I was expecting the quality of most of them to be higher :woman_shrugging:

But again, I might just be looking for something different in a book!

Though, a lot didn’t fit the literal CRITERIA. Like, non-subjective criteria like amount of chapters, content, etc


Exactly! Omg, yes haha.

Literally, multiple books made the shortlist and only had 3 parts but we’re marked ongoing! How is that fair? Like, we all here followed the rules but someone else gets the chance? Enforce the rules I say!


Yeah, and they weren’t short stories, so it’s not like they were an exception…

I forgot what rule they broke, but I remember there were people protesting about one user not qualifying but they made the longlist or something, so WP allowed the user to fix it after the user gave a temper tantrum about being disqualified and put them back on the list…

Like, I feel like Wattpad is so afraid of confrontation that it doesn’t even enforce its own rules - and that goes for the Wattys all the way to the guidelines tbh.

I saw books with ONE chapter in the winners! ONE! It wasn’t even good, honestly. I know so many people who entered with good, decent books and this one chapter with spelling and grammatical mistakes everywhere makes the cut? Sometimes I really want to know how they judge things. How they REALLY judge things, not the bull they SAY they use, because obviously they don’t :joy::joy:


This idea is totally on point. I think it’s very fair to only allow books that are about to finish or already are. I don’t think it’s fair if someone gets to win the award but then later on just abandons the book with no ending. Its a waste of an award.


Really? Dude that’s so awful. They should not break down and cater to some entitled user. That’s just stupid. The rules exist for a reason. They just need enforcing.


Legit WP needs to start enforcing the rules they made…


PREACH! Plus how can you even fairly judge a book that only has like 5 chapters? That’s not a very good evaluation.


I think that would be a very interesting way to do the awards. Most users who make their own awards for other authors do is by genre. It would be cool to see. Totally want to see this happen in the future to see how well it would go. Then each genre has a chance.


Yes, seriously. They hardly enforce them in fear of backlash or whatever. It’s like “who cares if the user is upset? They didn’t follow the rules. That’s on them.”


Oh man. If this year’s Wattys made you angry, you should have seen last year’s. :joy:


Last year’s was so much worse.


Right? Every other award book divides the winners by genres. I don’t understand why the Wattys doesn’t.


You can’t judge a book by 5 chapters. The book may start out great, but whos to know where it goes? A book should be judged as a whole. That’s fair. Completed stories should kinda become a rule or something.


I liked they gave Undiscovered authors the spotlight this year. That was a refreshing change, despite the small scandal that made it through the Watties this year with that one particular story.

I do wish human eyes surveyed everything that gets selected on the longlist and shortlist.