Thoughts on Wattys? Ideas?



That would be a lot of fun, and also showcase how much diversity there actually is to the fanfiction on Wattpad.


And maybe it could get a certain crowd off the backs of the fanfic writers. Hell, I don’t enjoy fanfic, but I know they put in as much effort as I do.

We should all come together to support each other.


Being allowed to submit an unfinished story and then winning an award for it is like submitting a half-finished exam and getting an A on it lol.


Yeah, we do put in a lot of effort! Some of us take us just as seriously as original fiction, and sites like this are the only place that we can publish. So there are a lot of people here who are really into it.


Not to mention there’s a lot of readers who love it too.

So you should definitely get an award for yourselves.


There’s been YET to see any kpop fanfic as far as I know win that award.

It’s been One Direction fanfic among others lately. There’s been a lot of diverse fanfic in different categories and all, but the fact that no KPOP/BTS fanfic has one yet is surprising.

I know that @Angelic_Vamp would love that :wink:


I think the reason there are unfinished books in the wattys is due to the timeline of what books could enter.


Agreed. I remember seeing some that won Wattys and they weren’t finished until later on.


I think they did that to give undiscovered and new books on the site a chance. In some ways it is beneficial.


Yeah :sob: Hopefully next year there’s at least one BTS fic to win or any kpop fic.


I honestly take fanfiction as serious as original writing. If Paradise Lost and Shakespeare’s plays are considered classics, but are secretly fanfictions then no one has any right to diss on fanfic writers.
Like I don’t understand when people say they don’t like fanfiction when a lot of classics or high literature is fanfiction.


Thank you for saying that! I’ve always seen it the same way, but not everybody does.


You would think Wattpad would do more to promote fanfiction. I know they promote fanfiction based off real people (which is something I have a problem with but not my place to talk about), but not like the original definition of fanfiction.


I have to agree. Fanfiction is how most writers start out. It might seem easy, but a good fanfic takes work. Especially if you’re trying to portray the character a certain way but also make sure it’s still something the original audience would enjoy.


Those of us in my community (Pokémon fanfiction) actually tried to start something of a petition around separating RPF from other fanfic once. Really, though, I just consider it a victory that we now have the tag system so that every fandom can rank under their own tag. It’s one of the best changes that’s come to Wattpad. :slight_smile:


It takes a lot of work! You have to keep the characters in character, have a moving plot, and like you said make sure the original audience likes it.


What people forget, is fanfiction has an audience beforehand. Because of this, the writer had to really put work into it to keep that original audience. They can definitely put twists on it and such. I do write some fanfic. My most popular story is a fanfiction. I put my own spins on it but I try to keep it in the way the original audience enjoys.


I think wattpad has tried both ends of the spectrum, they’ve done vote based and data based, but we need a happy medium between the two. Completed or near completed books is a good idea based on not being able to actually judge a book based on 5 chapters unless that’s literally a majority of the book.

I did like the mention of judges. Perhaps those that have won previous years & wattpad staff could be judges in their category? Like data to narrow down long/short list. Then winners decided by the previous winners of those awards and wattpad staff. It would be a nice balance. I also think once a book wins they should not be able to apply again so that we can spotlight other authors. It’s just an idea and I’m sure it would need a bunch of work. Food for thought I guess? :joy:


You got some great ideas. I definitely dont have anything to really add in or argue against.


Thanks! It just seems the two ways we could ‘judge’ will always be prejudice in some way. If we were somehow able to judge stats and soul (plot, characters, quality) that would even it out a bit. There will always be people that dislike the result though