Thoughts on Wattys? Ideas?


  1. I think the judging criteria made absolute perfect sense, assuming your book clears the data science hurdle. And as the latter is secret, I cannot figure out if I’m even going to qualify, so giving some kind of feedback on my submission whether I qualified or not when the entry period closes would be amazing.

  2. I liked seeing the categories becoming broader and more diverse this year, but I have to echo the sentiment that some users expressed before me, that I wasn’t entirely sure of the differences between some of the categories or how my story would qualify and for which.

  3. Completed books only, please! It makes no sense to me that incomplete books can enter and win. They are clearly still work in progress (they could drastically change by the time the author is done writing and then editing), or could be abandoned entirely. If you are looking for vanity metrics (300k+ entries from 100k+ authors from 80+ countries), then, sure, keep the qualifications open to incomplete stories. But if you care about the community and having quality over quantity, restrict entry to only completed books.


This might have been said on the thread already, but I haven’t seen it, so I’ll say it.

Someone had underage (I think it was 14?) sex. There was huge backlash and the book was removed, and the author grudgingly fixed it. It was put back on the longlist.


This is the biggest problem.

If real people were picking these books, then that would have never gotten on the Longlist, but even if it had managed to get past it IT SHOULD’VE BEEN DISQUALIFIED!

It’s unfair that so many books broke the rules this year and still won over others…


I honestly never read Watty winners. I prefer books with smaller audiences. It makes me feel good because I know how it feels to have a small audience and my few readers are so amazing to me. I want other people to feel that way.

And while I realize there were smaller books this year, I still prefer undiscovered ones.


Honestly, it might sound mean, but I don’t care about the reads - big or small.

If I think the book is good, I think it’s good. I’m looking for a good book above all else, so I try not to let reads influence my decisions about what to read.

I think they went TOO far this year trying to make “undiscovered” books win instead of just GOOD books like it should be. Like “yeah, this book has 1K and it made the Wattys, but it’s also bad and doesn’t fit the criteria!”

I just wish the reads were omitted from the judges or something, that way a book could be judged on its merit alone.


One book made the Wattys longlist or something like that and had ONE chapter that was 40+ pages long and would take (according to the blue thing at the top) TWO HOURS to read.


That was another confusing one. I mean do you not know how to add a chapter? Cause it had chapters in the one, I know that from a friend.


The one that won a Watty with 1 chapter that was like, an hour long the guy ended up splitting into chapters. It’s getting noticed more.


I saw this one person on someone’s profile (a big WP author and a Watty winner) saying that the author would probably discontinue their story all because they didn’t win a Watty.

They put the words into the AUTHOR’s mouth and I’m like: “WOW, Jealous Much??”


Seriously? That’s really weird.


Yeah, not going to name the user’s name, but they stated this: "I’m pretty sure ATS will be discontinued.

Maybe the author doesn’t find it worth her while to publish stories when the algorithm doesn’t allow her to gain any new followers, or perhaps she’s just a bit upset over not winning Wattys, which was not up to scratch this year and showcased literally the shittiest stories anyway."

I clapped back at the person saying: "Wow, how RUDE of you. Like what @Yuenwrites said, no need to put words into her mouth about it. And for your information, she’s still GAINING followers. And the Wattys this year did something different and actually showcased a lot of undiscovered stories for writers to get discovered."


Good for you.


Wow. That was actually really shitty of them, putting words in the author’s mouth and assuming she would discontinue her story just because she didn’t win a Watty. And then getting all aggressive about it too. I didn’t even know that was… like, real, or possible I guess.


There’s lots of little things like that on Wattpad. IDK how long you’ve been here, but I’ve been here only 9 months and I’ve gotten stuck in the middle more than once.


Yeah, I started reading that one and realised what had gone wrong. The thing is, you’d think that someone from WP on the judging panel would have had a quiet word with them to say, y’know, split this up into chapters and you’ve got a good chance, rather than letting it go through in the unreadable condition it was in.


So I’m working through the Wattys at the moment. I’m going to try and read every one in the next few months. So far, it’s been a mixed bag. About 25% absolute gold, 50% meh and 25% WTAF?


25% is too high. It should be 90% absolute gold 10% meh


Should. Art is subjective, though. It could be 90% absolute gold for some people (though those people are of course factually wrong)


No, Yuenwrites DID win a Watty for her story back in 2016. The fact that some user decided to put the words in the author’s mouth is just disgusting.


I’ve been looking at some of the old Watty winning stories (big ones mostly), but it makes sense as to why they’re big in the first place. They do have some good quality writing and such in them too.

“The Hoodie Girl” by Yuenwrites is one with amazing writing quality, especially for someone who wrote it at such a young age.

“She’s With Me” is another one. It started out with short chapters at the beginning and then they increased longer. Now it’s a trilogy on it’s last book and people absolutely love it and even coming up with many different theories for it as well.

These are just some examples, I would name more but not right now.