Thoughts on Wattys? Ideas?



Lol, I got here late, so I saw them but I didn’t really see the whole process. But yeah, honestly, with the amount of decent books on this site I expected the Wattys to be some combination of amazing recommendations, but instead they’re all mediocre writing with overused plots, in my opinion. Some are decent, but a lot I just truly didn’t enjoy.

Idk, I think I made my expectations too high going in :woman_shrugging:


Their awards literally never made any sense to me. Like… The categories never made any sense. I was like “which category am I going for then?”


Yeah, there isn’t one winner I wanted to read…


Haha going off this comment…

Honest moment. Never have I ever read a book that won the wattys. Is that weird?


The reason they do that is because there’s so many books! But, like, they should really judge a whole book.

Like, my first five chapters? Eh.
The rest of the book? It gets interesting, in my opinion, and it has a strong readership, so obviously people agree!

And it’s the same way with SO MANY GOOD BOOKS!

I think what pissed me off the most about trying to read the winners is that there were so many mistakes. And it’s not like the characters were amazing or the plot was incredible. Everything was just meh and I was kinda disappointed, not going to lie.

It made me lose the little faith I still had in Wattpad’s recommendations for me :joy:


I read a popular winner’s book expecting it to be really cool and I was just… I don’t know how to feel.

Like, the premise was cool, but the writing style wasn’t great, the pacing was way too slow for the plot itself - there were, like, five filler chapters ever two - and the characters were very two-dimensional. And that was one of the reads I most enjoyed!

Nah, I’ll just stick to finding what I like through vigilant searching :joy:


There’s only one book that I’m interested in, but I’m saving it for when I’ve exhausted everything else that I want to read first.


A few premises kinda sorta maybe interested me, so I gave them a chance, but I honestly wasn’t that happy with the executions :woman_shrugging:

I think I’m just bitter that I got no good suggestions out of it when I was waiting for a bunch of books to read while procrastinating reading what I need to read for English :joy::joy:


Haha yep. You really cannot judge a book just by first 5 chapters. It needs more. I totally agree. Books get WAY BETTER after 5 chapters. Usually. I’ve read books that got worse…


Something something Next beta something something. XD

That’s for another thread. XD




Lol, same!

But I, personally, like a book with a good setup, or else I don’t feel invested with what’s happening, so unless the writing is really horrible, I’ll usually finish a book instead of DNF it. Unless it’s boring me to death, lol. Just because it gets better doesn’t mean the first few chapters should be a snooze-fest and boring :joy:

Give me some good character interaction! Some awesome worldbuilding! Just SOMETHING!:joy:




I think a lot of writers struggle with dialogue in general.

Looks at self in mirror.


The Watty’s as they are now are a vast improvement over how they were when it was a user run vote. That was definitely a popularity contest. So while it’s not perfect, I will definitely take this way over the previous way. I would never enter again if it went back to a user vote.

I’d like to see the requirement of the book must be complete come back. I mean I know a lot of people cheated the system by just marking it complete to enter, but it just felt like the Wattys added a special meaning to being able to say your book is complete on Wattpad. There was more incentive.

More human input. I get that they can’t read every entry and thus they need the machine to pick, but I feel like before it gets put on either the long list or short it needs to be run through a human being. There were several books on the long list that made me suspect only the machine actually looked at them.

Those are about my only two real complaints with this years wattys.


Lol, I actually feel like I’m good at dialogue! I think my strong suit is portraying emotions, though, and my character development. So many of my readers have cried and become invested in my characters and have complimented me on it! :blush:




I love descriptions, and I get lost in them, so dialogue is a weak point for me.


Agreed, haha. Seriously. I need to be engaged with the book throughout and some books manage to engage me for a small bit but then jump off the deep end and Im like “not gonna follow you on this journey, SEE YA”.


Maybe it’s because I have little social interaction in my real life? Shrugs.