Thoughts on Wattys? Ideas?



Lol, mine isn’t too hard because it’s set in like a different kind of world, but it’s more of a parallel universe - our world with a few tweaks and set in this day and age. The characters are around my age too, so it’s not too hard for me to imagine what they’d say.

I like writing dialogue! I get to delve into each character’s head and think of what they’d say! :blush:




I was told by another user that my dialogue is pretty could and she could learn from me. I do love dialogue. I have a fair balance between the dialogue and MC thoughts as well. I love character interaction and building relationships whether it be a love-hate or a friendship. Or even a sibling relationship that is between unrelated characters who just get close enough to act like siblings.


Yeah, same! My book is in first-person because there’s a lot of inner struggle going on, so my readers seem to think I do that well! But I think my decent dialogue skills add to my “complex characters and amazing relationships” as one reader said. I’m literally going to quote all the compliments they give me until the end of time because I am a PROUD MOTHER :joy::joy:

But yeah, also my plot is getting all twisty and turny and complex and people are loving it and commenting on it and I’m here going “I’m pantsing this. HOW THE HELL DID THIS NOT TURN INTO ONE HUGE PLOT HOLE?” :joy::joy:

I think it’s because I listened to my readers and the story flowed accordingly, but I can never be sure :woman_shrugging:


GIRL SAME. I dont have many readers but I have a few who comment very often and it just warms my heart! These are my children!


Haha I do the the exactly same thing. I pretty much wing it with writing and I always double check to make sure I didn’t screw up somewhere. I just dont like to overly plan. I need free range for ideas to flow.


Man, I think I have more comments than votes, lol.

No, I’m certain I have more comments than votes. Imma go check…

Nah, I was wrong, but it’s close! On my most popular book, I have 33.5K votes and 30.9K comments.

On some chapters, I’m sure I have more comments though! Somehow, my book stumbled into a special section of readers who aren’t silent! I’m blessed :joy:


Haha on my Peter own story, I have 29 votes and 146 comments… I have the same thing. Half of them are me though. :joy:


Oh, lol, same! It’s me replying to all the comments! :joy:


Yes. I always take time to reply to every comment haha. Even if it’s one word or an emoji.


I used to do that, but I felt empty. Now, if I have nothing to say, I don’t reply. It’s actually better because people were getting sick of my classic “:)” reply to every comment when it wasn’t a comment that was reply-able :joy:


I don’t give a lot of smiley faces. I would say that less than 5%of my replies are just emojis. I do try to stay something interesting. All while not giving away the plot when a reader comments on something of that.


They’ve never done this, so idk why they’d start. But maybe the same way they do Featured applications again, they should do Wattys applications. You won’t need to rely so heavily on a machine if you make it harder to enter.


I’m on my computer, so I can only do emojis on the forums.


Ah, makes sense. I mainly use my phone unless my phone is not working. (There was one time I had this happen. So frustrating. I hate computers.)


That would be very interesting. Im not really too knowledgable on the applications for the featured list. I’ve never tried it.


They JUST started up again! Like, legit two weeks ago or something


Do you know how the featured list works? I wonder if I could maybe apply one of my books?


I think you just apply and then they check your book out and see if it’s worth it? I don’t really know that much.


Ahh. Maybe I’ll try it.