Thoughts on Wattys? Ideas?



Application is in here too.




Quick question, does my story have to be completed?


I don’t believe so




Okay another question (my last one), can it be fanfiction…or something of that criteria? Only 3 of all my characters in the story I want to enter are from a show. The rest are made up by me. Is that allowed? Just wanna make sure.


I think fanfic is accepted as well.


I never knew the Wattys were user voted at one point. Ugh.


They did this thing back in Wattys 2015 called #MyWattysChoice where people would go on Twitter and vote for that book to win the Wattys, from the category it was the most popular books (as seen here


They had a Story Of The Year back in 2015 too, and people were voting on that too.


Now that’s a really rigged and unfair system. This isn’t the Teen Choice Awards!


They did it back in 2015 though, and it’s stopped since then.

I’m glad they got rid of the Talk Of The Town, because literally, the description for that is: "Stories in this category set the community on fire. They inspired a ton of buzz, debate, and engagement – so much so, we couldn’t help but take notice. These are the unignorable stories that got you talking."

AKA “The Most Popular Stories” win category.


Really glad they don’t do it based on votes. As it has been proven, popularity doesn’t equal quality. Some popular books have awful grammar and such.




I noticed there wasn’t much hype for the Wattys this year. Like it was over in a blink of an eye and no one paid attention.


Also, Not ALL Watty winners get big. Some I’ve seen have books that are below 1 Million Reads and such.


Really? How so?




I remember when I first became active here it was right after the 2016 Wattys. And the site was promoting the winners big time. Like seeing the winners was the first thing you saw if you were on desktop, and the page even had confetti. This year, I forgot they even happened and there really were no announcements after it was completed.


Yeah, some Watty winners have a good 200K or somewhere within that range or so on theirs.

Though, there are some Hidden Gems that have gotten lucky. One user, @MegHahn won a Watty back in 2016 in the “Hidden Gems” section and now she has about 27K followers.