Thoughts on Wattys? Ideas?



I remember hearing about the 2016 Wattys too. It was also to celebrate 10 years of WP being a site too (formed in 2006).

But yeah, I agree with that.


Also, can the Wattys have BETTER stickers for the next one? The ones throughout 2014 thru 2017 were AMAZING, I personally wasn’t a fan of this year’s stickers BUT I liked that they were labeled with diverse categories.


Im so glad you mentioned this. Honestly, if I had won this year, I would NOT have used the sticker. The sticker so so ugly and unprofessional. Personally, the 2016 sticker was super amazing.


I liked the 2015, 2016, and 2017 stickers. But yeah, the sticker was just BAD. One Watty Winner actually made their OWN sticker with to put on their book.


(Wait, what was the controversy with one of the stories this year?)

I never pay much attention to this, only did this year because one of my followers won one and I was incredibly happy for them because I honestly think they deserved it. Their read count didn’t go that much up though, which is a shame :\


:joy: that’s gold. Their sticker looks much better though.


There were some stories that made the shortlist despite having broken rules. I believe one called Northern Crown had 3 parts, labeled ongoing and it made the shortlist. However, the rules started you had to have 5 chapters at least written past August 2017, otherwise it has to be marked complete if it has under 5 chapters.


Agreed! Hopefully the Wattys 2019 sticker is better.


I was thinking though too that there should be no “Talk Of The Town” thing, even though they got rid of the category since 2016, it’s pretty much the popularity category.

Having something like “The Undiscovered Of The Town” where it’s an undiscovered story could work too.


Yeah, I really do hope. Stickers are important. They need to look pleasing to the eye but be readable. They have to also be pretty. That’s my thing with the awards. Stickers matter a lot. It goes on the cover, and the cover is the first thing every user sees.


That would be a great idea. Many undiscovered writers have amazing books. They deserve to win.


I feel like that’s exactly the sort of thing that would happen, given the circumstances, and exactly the sort of thing some captcha-like judge would miss x)


Agreed! Yeah, I entered the Wattys in LATE this year, mainly because I had one story completed (a short story), plus the cover for it was BAD.

And I entered in around June/July and didn’t make the list.

Now that my writing (and graphic making skills) have improved, I can put in my story into the Wattys for next year.


That year was hype!


I entered one of my stories… Okay, like 3 of my stories in this year. Maybe 4. Yep, I entered 4. I’ve since gotten better at covers. I also have worked on my writing style more. I must add that I feel if they do fix the system next year, and I enter, I will have a chance. Some of my stories this year have done well and one of them couldn’t have been entered. But it’s doing great (for me) and I just love it.


That is a shame…


2016 was a good Wattys year, 2017 was just, wow.


Yup it’s only been within the past 3 or 4 years that it was Wattpad decided. You’d have 3 tiers (though one year there was 4 with a super popular category) Popular, Upcoming (I think that’s what it was called), and undiscovered. Each tier would have 4 or 5 books for people to vote for then there was a poll. It was very very easy to cheat and vote for someone more than once.


I entered two stories and I understand why one of them wouldn’t win. I mean, it literally begins in the middle of an established season of an established show. That book is really for a specific audience.

But the other one… no, I will continue entering it because I have a lot of confidence in it.


Maybe wattpad is trying to do away with the rules. I mean the site is maturing demographic wise. Especially, if you want to implement a paywall.