Thoughts on Wattys? Ideas?



They use the “data science” thing too.


I always assumed Watty winners instantly became popular and got a bunch of reads and followers… That kinda sucks. I wonder why that’s the case though.


Some got the reads even BEFORE winning the Wattys (She’s With Me, The Hoodie Girl, Rivals, etc)


Yeah they probably used that for the first round to narrow down who made it to the voting stages.

After my first year entering I vowed to never enter again when it was a popularity contest. Thankfully 2 or 3 years later is when they moved it to HQ deciding the winner (minus the twitter popularity categories)


I’m happy they changed this. What if you never read any of the books in that category? You probably would vote for the one with best cover or blurb at that point :woman_shrugging:t5:


That and it was designed for those with active fan bases to win. If you didn’t have a fan base willing to vote for you, you didn’t have a chance.

People think the Wattys are a popularity contest now but they really were back then. It was awful.


The #MyWattysChoice thing on Twitter was just honestly a bad choice for WP to do. Like, literally ANY of the big/popular books won that category.

Even “Story Of The Year”, the fact that you had to vote for ONE big story in order for it to win too.


I’m going to enter it next year.

What do you get if you win?

A book deal? A movie deal?


That was this year (getting WP Studios to notice) but who knows what it’ll be this year! They’re amping up the prizes more this time!


I remember one story that won the 2016 Wattys, it was ranked Mature (which surprised me because usually not that many mature-rated stories win the Watty), cover was questionable though, but the words blocked it.


I tried entering the Wattys twice and never got anything out of it. I don’t know if my stories even made it past whatever their first round is, and I have no idea what I would even have to do in order to move on further. Winning seems impossible. Besides that, I feel like a lot of fanfic readers don’t even pay attention to the Wattys, so I doubt I would even get more reads if I won. For me, I think the Wattys would be better if there was more transparency about how the winners get chosen. Otherwise I’m sitting here wondering if they have some algorithm that’s docking me for every misspelling that’s actually a fandom-specific word and then getting knocked out before anyone even looks at it. Or if my books just aren’t good enough for some reason.


It also comes down to with Watty winners to is not only reads and engagement and stuff, but also the quality of writing too.


hiiii! i’m new to this, so i don’t know what wattys are… anyone that would explain?


You can read about them here:


It really is, they won it under the changemakers (I think that’s what’s called) category and it’s a beautiful, well-written story. I’ve been reading it form the beginning and what feels more deserving is that I saw the changes they made to better it, so I wholeheartedly believe it was well-deserved. But it’s not getting as much traction as other stories, and I really wish it would


Past winners not eligible to enter.

Completed stories only.


I’m against this. How else are undiscovered authors going to get discovered?


Oh, yes.


How do you feel about near-completed stories then?


Near completed stories are fine, but smaller authors need to be given a chance.