Thoughts on Wattys? Ideas?



I get what you’re saying, but I just don’t know. I don’t think judging a book on a few chapters is a fair and accurate evaluation. I feel like a book has to be at least 50% completed for someone to give an assessment on it, especially if it is going up for an award.


By getting your name out there and I hope that doesn’t sound too harsh, but I know what you mean, it is difficult for undiscovered writers and I wish it wasn’t.

So, okay, maybe not completed stories, but more then five chapters or something like that.


A few of the winners were surprising this year, I’ll give you that.

I’ve been promoting myself almost every day on Twitter for two months now. In all, I’ve seen 6,000 reads in three months for a completed work, so I know about how hard it is to get discovered and that you need to put an effort toward getting discovered.


I feel like the Wattys only allowing completed or near-completed stories will showcase the serious and hard-working writers. It would also increase productivity and growth.


I just wanted to add that completed undiscovered stories do exist. You may complete a story and double on reads, but it doesn’t always keep growing like that. Sometimes it stops for a while. My story did this. I finished it in July (wrote it for 2.5 years) and it went from like 200 to 550 reads. Currently sits at 552. Unsicovered just means under 10k or something similar.

I still completely support the completed stories rule. Half finished work wins awards? There are just too many issues with it.


Showcasing and awarding smaller writers would also increase productivity.

I’m not really sure what you all have against ongoing stories. People have a life outside of Wattpad.


6000 reads isn’t to bad, I know it doesn’t seem a lot, but there are some writers on here since 2014, who haven’t even got a 1000 reads yet.

But just keep doing what your doing, and never stop writing stories.


We don’t have anything against them. We’re only suggesting what we think would improve the Wattys.
And you’re talking to a smaller writer who takes frequent breaks off Wattpad lol.


It’s nothing against ongoing stories. But there can be issues with incomplete stories winning a huge award (only the biggest award on this platform). They can leave it unfinished. They can abandon it. The story can end up taking a turn for the worst. An incomplete story doesn’t show the whole story.

This is coming from someone who entered a bunch of ongoing stories. I am well aware I would have to wait till the following year or so to enter those stories, but it’s fair. Then they could see the whole story as it is, and people would know the award isn’t wasted. It would have been earned well.


I have four chapters ahead of my current publishing schedule, so I think I’m good there :slight_smile: Plans are once or twice a week with updates on Mondays and Fridays, or an added Wednesday depending on how much I get done.

ARF will be the main story I promote on Twitter until I get to 10,000, then I’ll focus on TWR which is my current story.


I really liked the Wattys this year. It was fun to participate in.

I think it would’ve been nice to get a PM about not winning when you were on the Shortlist, but I know that isn’t very realistic.

Also, they could be more open about the dates where they release the Longlisters and Shortlisters. And the winners. We did a whole lot of guessing and stuff. It got super stressing :joy:

Besides that? No. I think the categories were amazing this year - and very focused on writing. I liked that. Fanfic got their own category, which I think was fab. And Poetry got to participate this year too.

All in all, it was a very inclusive Wattys and I don’t think I’d change much besides what I’ve already said.


From the beginning, I planned on only entering completed stories, or stories that sounded interested into next year’s Watty’s. I had one particular idea that was well received throughout the forums that I talked about which no one said they’ve come across, but since it probably won’t be completed, I’ll most likely submit a different story by then.


I remember you all thinking it was Friday and they made you wait until Monday, right? XD


I would find that really disappointing, especially if it was a really long message.:grinning:


It’s like an email from a recruiter saying you weren’t given the job. XD


I also do at least two rounds of editing per chapter before posting, but I know it’s an endless process. :slight_smile: I’m hoping to have a professional editor take a look at ARF before entering it next year.


Fanfic had their own category? Whaaaa

Oh, you’re right! Aw, there weren’t a lot of winners though. :frowning:


Honestly, I’ve never been as much in threads as I was in that week where we miscalculated the whole thing :joy: So a little more transparency on deadline dates would be much appreciates - I mean, unless they enjoyed watching us all crumble.


I think I’d just like it as there were issues with the PMs this year. I got a PM when I made the Longlist, but not for the Shortlist until later. So we didn’t know if there was a glitch when the PMs about the winners went out or if we hadn’t won.

Not to mention, they were a bit tardy about publishing the list of winners.

So much angst :joy:

Totally gonna participate again though!


Their was an awards book dedicated to Fanfic, but it hasn’t been used since 2016.


There were as many winners in that category as all the others. In general there weren’t a lot of winners this year.