Thoughts on Wattys? Ideas?





There was a full category for Fanfic for this year’s Wattys.

It was called The Revisionists. -


That’s so sad. :disappointed_relieved:


I really like editing, even though it’s never ending, but at least the words are on paper or on the screen.


From skimming this thread, a couple of ideas that could be implemented to the wattys are having a separate awards thing for fan fiction, and having a mixed audience/HQ jury.

I’m not for having each genre on the site getting their own awards (best romance, best action, best sci-fi, etc.) as it may take longer to decide and you’re looking at less winners each year. Take this year’s wattys and compare it to last year’s for example. in 2017 there weren’t many award categories, but you had 10 winners in each. This year’s wattys had more award categories but 5 winners each (I assume 60 was the magical number used for all languages the wattys supported). Then there’s the amount of submissions to genre ratio to consider. Under the discover tab there’s about 30 genres listed. You’re gonna get some genres that may not get a winner due to low entries. If by chance there’s one entry for a genre, are you gonna award the person for being the only entrant in the category, or are you going to judge base on the quality of that one single story?

Fanfiction can sort of have its own contest, basing this on someone who mentioned there should be more fanfic entries as winners. With fanfic having its own contest there can be categories such as “hidden gems” or the category for those who keep readers engaged. The issues I believe that can arise with this is what kind of prizing or reward to give out (other than a sticker), and taking note that some content creators like GRRM and Anne Rice aren’t exactly big fans of fanfiction. It’d involve some screening. This year’s awards had a separate category purely for fanfiction which is good.

Another issue was the longlist having books that were most likely selected by algorithm bot, and the past had categories which were audience choice (and the problem with that was those which were super popular had a high chance of winning). I think a compromise between these two would be having a selection chosen by HQ jury of a list of works which they can offer out to the public to help them decide. That way it would keep people engaged and who knows, anyone who participates can get a tiny badge or banner indicating that they were a jury member of the wattys. The drawback to this can be the same with the wattys choice of 2015, and even with a list preselected by the jury for the public to vote on, the choice of stories may not be of interest to those following the wattys.

Overall, no matter what changes are made, there will always be people who are salty even if the system works for them.


Meh, I don’t really care about the rest? The more transparency the easier it will be to game the system. And people will game it because we can’t have nice things here.

So just telling us which dates to look out for would be nice.


Yeah, you’re right. There weren’t a lot of winners.

Well, my original point still stands about having more fanfiction winners.


I’m glad though that the Wattys aren’t user-voted unlike some awards cough cough The Fiction Awards cough cough.

But the fact that still have that “data science” thing in order to choose stories is quite odd. Like, what does the data science do? How does it KNOW what story’s win which category?


Not to mention, will the best Fantasy book be as good as the best Historical Fic book? Will they be able to compare one of the largest genres to one of the smallest?

I think it’s better to do what they’re doing now.

A full contest for them would maybe nice - instead of just having one category to compete in. I can imagine real-life-fanfics are very different from a Star Wars fanfic.


I freaking hate the Fiction Awards with a passion!


They had as many as all of the others though. So should there just be more fanfic winners, or more winners in all categories?


Don’t ask Wattpad for data. They don’t like giving it. Or if they do, pleased to delighted will do.


Yo, that was me!!:joy:


More winners in all categories.


The fact that they put THIS in their profile: "Welcome To The Fiction Awards!

We like to call ourselves the People’s Choice Awards of Wattpad. Everything is fan voted!

TFAs were established to bring our community closer together, and give recognition to popular and undiscovered writers."

Literally from what I checked do undiscovered writers even WIN in that award?

Cause from what I’ve seen any of the popular and BIG books on Wattpad win.


Kind of agree with that. It was a big leap from 250 Shortlisters to 60 winners.

But maybe it’ll be better for the winners if there aren’t that many. Or maybe the prize (the chance at having Wattpad studios look at your work) dictated the amount.


Categories honouring things like originality, making a difference, hidden gems, diversity, are way better than picking out the best horror story as things like making a difference crosses all genres. Even fantasy stories set in high fantasy realms.


There was an actual category for URBAN FICTION back then in 2015, and it was only that one time.


I have a feeling it will be narrower next year with the Next beta implemented by then. They’ll want the highest quality of stories in the Next program. Narrow it way down using the Wattys.


I definitely agree.

Also, I just loved the categories this year. The descriptions made them all so nice, and I would’ve been happy with winning any of them - purely based on the descriptions.