Thoughts on Wattys? Ideas?



I think your last sentence might be what happened. Someone else hinted at a specific number occurring like each year.

Like that same person said, I’d be fine with less categories but more winners.


Are you making a JOKE?



I mean they still have the “data analysis” to use even when it’s not the Wattys. So they could be running it now to figure out which stories to add in January.

Anyways, this ain’t about the beta. I imagine they narrowed down the amount of winners because of the prize this year.


Which I can understand. 60 people all had books that might’ve been good enough for WP studios. That’s quite a lot of books to add to their business, if they add all of them.


No, I mean for the 2015 Wattys it actually happened.

Scroll down and it says: Hot Genre Award: Urban


There was a category for fanfiction specifically in this year’s wattys. The limit to how many win in my opinion (and from what I’ve gathered), is probably to keep things uniform with the other languages the awards are available in (not a lot of entries in Italian compared to Tagalog iicr). English wattys seemed to be the largest which could technically allow for more winners. I don’t know HQ’s way of thinking but that’s just my guess.


Maybe I wouldn’t be too bothered by the whole fanfic issue if my stories couldn’t only fit in that category. :weary:


Then the trick is to change the characters AFTER you’ve won the Watty’s. :wink:


I saw it. I had to google this. It seems like every genre had had its own category. They need to go back to that so everyone can be included, but not that people’s choice award. As a writer, that’s not really an award for your work its more of a hand out. Easy to accomplish once you have the following backing it.


You’re absolutely right! But when you only have a 1/12 chance or 7.69% (oh God my probability is so off) of winning because your stories only fit into the fanfic category then…


The fact that they had categories like LGBT+, New Adult Romance, Urban Fiction, Fanfiction during the 2015 Wattys was definitely an amazing thing for them to do.


I agree that their should be a PM saying you didn’t make it. The fact that the Wattys started to add in the stories OUT OF NOWHERE and we, the users, had TO CHECK and see if our story was in their out of over 800 (at the time) was stressful and took a long time.


Yeah, that’s why I think it would maybe be good to make a Fanfic Watty - especially because the Fanfic genre is so diverse. The only thing they all have in common is that they’re not using original world building and/or characters. Besides that they can range in genres just as much as original fic can.

Also, because unless you change all the names (and perhaps some of the worldbuilding) then you can’t really benefit from the prize of talking to WP Studios.


At least for the winners, tbh.

There were 300k+ applicants for the English Wattys alone. And apparently the PMs are not automated. It’s people sending them out manually. So they can’t do that for ALL applicants - but I guess they could do it for the Shortlisters.


Yeah, that’ll work.

Also, me and another user agreed with that the Wattys sticker this year were just BAD. Design wise though. Like, the ones from 2014 to 2017 were really good, but the this year was just meh.

Hopefully they have a better sticker for next year’s Wattys.


I like how it mentions which category you won - but yeah, I thought they’d go with the cute design they had gone with for the “media kit” you got when you made the Long- and Shortlist.

It was so colourful.


I just saw the sticker and I was so disappointed. I’ve seen fan award stickers that look better!


I’d be down for this!


Even The Fiction Awards sticker look GOOD! Like, dang, the ones for 2016 and 2017 look spectacular!


Me too! :smile: then you could have all sorts of categories for fanfics too. Like, “who did the best worldbuilding” or romance, who did the best fresh take on a beloved and well-known story… Retellings even!