Thread Hiding and Closing Service



You may or may not be aware that “do not post” threads are frowned upon because they go against what public forums are all about - public accessibility. They also add clutter to the discussion boards burying other public topics.

We recognise the need for example threads to display and store your designs for future use and the necessity for staff rooms for organisation and planning. What we have in mind is to "hide" your threads so they don’t go to the top of the board when you add a new comment.

1. They are no longer easy targets for trolls with nothing better to do than post on your thread just to mess up the layout or cause arguments. :white_check_mark:

2. They don’t take up valuable space on the board. :white_check_mark:

3. It’s more difficult for others to see your design and take it as their own. :white_check_mark:

4. The thread will work as normal in every other way. :white_check_mark:

It falls from the main page of the club so remember to bookmark it! :pushpin:

Suggested tip: Use an online bookmark to store links if you have many threads

If you would like your thread hidden, please post a link to your thread here and a community ambassador will sink it for you. Thank you!

This now also where you can have your thread closed if you no longer want it open.


Is this open?
Do I just post a link(s) and then you sink it just like on the old forums?

Hello! Yup, it’s open! You can just drop your link(s) here like in the old clubs and one of us will hide it :heart:

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if i post on a hidden thread, would it be seen on the activity feed on my profile?

Nope, it won’t be! :smile:

Would we need to create our own thread for it to work? Would it be for showing off your work?

Ideally, yes, unless it’s a group thread/ you have permission from the OP to sink it.

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that’s good to hear!

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I’m considering sinking an art thread and do art stuff.

LWFlouisa's Charcoals And Portraits [A Sink My Thread] Could I sink this one?

Well it seems apparent nothing i happening to actually sink the threads, hence why I ask.

So unless, there is some way I’m not thinking of in terms of sinking the thread.

The mods can sink the thread for you :heart: they’re usually staffroom kind of threads/shops :smile:

Yep! I’ll remove your comment from this thread so the links will go :heart:

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Thank you!

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What’s the best forum to post these sunk threads on? I want to do one for storing my ads…

@hayasuki @Oblivionyx @Ethereal29 those are now sunk :heart:

@SoulRaider116 sorry, I’m not sure I understand your question? :\


Sorry, I’m not always the best at wording things…

Is there a specific board where we are supposed to post the threads we want to eventually have hidden?

I don’t want to accidentally post anything in the wrong place and create an extra job for staff, and I’ve never heard of this hidden thread thing before…so I wanted to know where I needed to post my thread before I start it.

I have to create it somewhere, then ask you to hide it, right?

Ugh, I’m so tech-illiterate. Lol.

Anyway, I don’t know much about coding at all,so the purpose of my thread would just be to keep track of all my story advertisement formatting.

Yep, that would be this thread! :smile: you can post it here and one of us will sink/hide it.