Thread Hiding and Closing Service


That’s been hidden now :slight_smile:


That’s also been hidden


That’s now hidden.


@coxkora and @_Void Your threads are sunk. :katherinearlene:


@letterbyowl done :xkaydotx:


@thecrow done :xkaydotx:


Thank you so much :heavy_heart_exclamation: :sunflower:


Has there been a formalized way to sink the threads yet?


@deadapples @viciouscupcake @muzzles done :xkaydotx:

Indeed there is a way :slight_smile:


So how do you do this then? I wish dad jokes could sink my thread, but that doesn’t always work.


You can tag a mod or post here and a mod can sink it for you :slight_smile:


I might do an art thread. Haven’t decided.

Ok tagged a mod.


I categorized it as an art discussion thread, although I do post my art there.


All gone :smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Although I still see my deleted threads when I go to my topics. I mean, as long as they’re gone from the public eye but just wondering if they will always be there?


They will always be there :smile: but they won’t be visible to anyone, unless they have a direct link.


Okay, thanks :smiley: I feel like a newbie all over again XD


@TheTigerWriter all done :xkaydotx:


@KaranSeraph you’re all set :xkaydotx:


@coxkora you’re all set :hearts: