Thread Hiding and Closing Service


@JJJ000YYY done! If you want me to delete those comments, let me know! :xkaydotx:

@XSugarCookie_GirlX all set! :xkaydotx:


Also yes please >.< Thank you so much


Done :smile:

just a reminder that sunken threads for personal group chats isn’t allowed, so if that’s the purpose of the threads, I’m going to have to list them again :smile:






Kindly bookmark it so that you can still have access to it despite of being hidden.


Send me a message or PM me if you already bookmarked it.


@newsies all done :xkaydotx:


thank you!


@letterbyowl done :hearts:


@thecrow done :xkaydotx:


@natalie-april done :star:


@northerns done :hibiscus:


Is there a way to get old sunken threads back, like before all the changes? I know the links but they don’t work anymore xd




If you mean from the old clubs, unfortunately not. There was a period when we had just moved when one could copy over threads from those clubs to these, but that’s over now.




Will someone sink this thread?
Thank you in advance.



Done I just sunk it for you <3


Ive also removed the link from your comment so others dont have easy access


can you edit your post and comment on the thread after it’s sunk?